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  1. it's a bit disrespectful to call Jeff that…
  2. all questions to IT department of MathClub I ignored the tab with message - and mp3 file is available for downloading or playing online
  3. https://www.mathclubmusic.com//wp-content//uploads//2018//08//Summer-Be-Like-1.mp3
  4. Hey guys. I want to do some sentiment analysis of LP songs. I started from studio albums. I wanted to find the most used unique words in songs. The figure shows the top words. I also attach the text file with all words and number of songs they were used in. unique_words_in_songs.csv
  5. it was discussed here several years ago https://lplive.net/forums/topic/11372-new-divide-video-modified/
  6. Can't decide whether to download the leaked version in 192kb/s or to wait the one with good quality
  7. i'll do my best to be there but i'm not sure that i'll be able to do it
  8. cool support band though Die Antwoord is a lil bit odd fully agree with you!
  9. It was really cool to meet Spike in St.Petersburg. I did not know what he looked like but still I understood that it was him! Spike, BTW, your second name looks like russian. Do you have roots there?
  10. Дмитрий, с днем рождения! Thank you for everything!
  11. waiting for the leaked album...
  12. My favorite live moment was in St. Petersburg, Russia in 2007. It was my first Linkin Park show and it was the most exciting show ever. It took me 2 days to travel to St. Petersburg from my city but finally I was there. I met a lot of internet-friends from differents towns and cities of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus etc. I'm sure I'll remember that day forever
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