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  1. Linkin Park Live is now the prime age to start listening to Hybrid Theory and Meteora and make AMVs of Dragon Ball Z fights lmao. Happy anniversary gang
  2. I don't think I've posted here since before Chester passed, but I read the site nearly every day in that time. It still feels surreal and as if he just took a break from the band and has not been seen in the public, but I accept his death and know that the band's future has completely changed. I had a difficult few months following Chester's death, even if they weren't affected by it. But the strange silver lining is that the conversation about Mental Health has become more prevalent than ever. Watching the memorial concert in October really shows how many people he impacted throughout his
  3. I think anything where Mike sings the majority of the lyrics (like full verse and shared chorus with Chester) should he considered.
  4. It's too early to make predictions, of course, but I would expect something more like Joy Division becoming New Order after singer Ian Curtis passed. Becoming a separate entity to honor the fact that his absence meanthe the original band couldn't call itself that.
  5. Haha, I don't even remember reading the caption to that picture but your screenshot shows that I still liked it. Honestly hoping that it's something not from OML, but I'm sure it will be.
  6. I honestly forgot I made this thread, lol. I'll add them some other time.
  7. I'll be brief; Too many cooks in the kitchen on this album made the songwriting suffer. Worst LP album but the songs are not indivisually horrible, just most of them. Talking To Myself should have been the lead single. Heavy sounds even worse in comparison to the other tracks, most of which I don't care enough to listen to agaih. Invisible is good for a formulaic pop song. The title track is the saving grace of the album; it makes me want to cry in the fetal position in an empty room. The band kept making us think that this was the kind of emotion that they put into each song and I
  8. How long do these radio promo cycles normally last, if that's even a thing? They won't have much time for a club tour if this continues, but I'm not really counting on a club tour happening at this point.
  9. If anyone happens to accidentally find Pictureboard in the meantime, let me know.
  10. Chester sounded damn good on Heavy. I liked the drums at the end of the bridge, made it seem heavier than it is. The lighting was pretty good, but the performance reminded me again of how freaking short it is. And James Corden got on stage afterward and said they are touring with the Chainsmokers?? The alleged second song didn't get broadcasted, if that is true then hopefully it will be posted online in the morning.
  11. https://www.instagram.com/p/BRB7nQEBqOZ/?taken-by=phoenixlp&hl=en Brad is looking over the strum pattern/tab/whatever for "Invisible". Are they going to debut that on the show tonight too?
  12. One-offs with STP/Kings of Chaos or other bands would be fine for Chester, it would be like taking a business trip and then coming home, especially since some shows are in the LA area anyway. Picking his family and sticking with the one band is completely understandable.
  13. Were Dave, Joe, and Rob joking when they said it was nice to meet Kiiara? They recorded a song with her and half of the band didn't meet her?
  14. Show's started. Just Mike on piano, Chester and Kiiara on vocals, and Brad on guitar and probably sampler. Crawling (Piano version)
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