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  1. Many of my friends really wanted to go
  2. I mean that I will have weekly alcohol-round concerts Linkin Park
  3. As many of you know, the LP Underground has been undergoing a lot of changes in the past few months. Recently, we moved some of the features over to a new online home, and many people (including myself!) have been wondering about the differences between using the old site vs. the new one at www.LPU.LinkinPark.com. I did a little research, and I have some answers about how to best use the new LPU. Firstly, this is the new LPU profile page. This is LP Underground’s official “identity,” where you can see all of LPU’s headlines. LPU HQ updates this page regularly, to let you know how to make the most of your membership–taking advantage of concert ticket presales, opportunities to meet me and the other guys, and new features we’re rolling out as part of the LPU. If you’re a member of LinkinPark.com, then (besides being smart, good-looking, and talented) you can join the LPU group at this link below, to stay in touch with what’s going on with the LPU, and talk to other LPU members: http://www.linkinpark.com/group/lpundergroundmembers. And lastly, this week, we’ll be putting the chat page back up–but with an improvement. Like the old one, the new page will have a text chat; but the new chat will also have a video window so the band can video chat with you. Band chats will be scheduled regularly, but expect us to drop by unannounced. (Side note: I’ve stopped video chatting on UStream, and I’ll be doing more private chats with LPU in the future, on the new chat page. I want to try it that way, because it’ll be a smaller group and less spamming going on). I hope that helps; You’ll definitely get more out of your LPU membership by visiting the links above. And for anyone who hasn’t joined the Underground: if you want to take advantage of the pre-sale tickets, chatting with the band, and more, visit http://lpu.linkinpark.com/ to become a member. Incidentally, LPU is not just for Linkin Park superfans; it’s an organization our band created to give Linkin Park listeners the best experience we can. We offer the best LP concert seats at great prices, never-before-heard music, incredible events where you can meet the band, and an online community where you can stay in touch with what’s going on in our world, among other things. See you guys at the upcoming LP Underground Summit in Sydney… Link: http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/12/10/how-to-use-the-new-lpu/
  4. Mike sitting in the car reminded 2 things. Riders of the Lord of the Rings and Jedi from Star Wars. Clip super did their best. But neither the WID not replace. A lot of effects. It seemed that you're in the game Stalker or Half-Life. +5
  5. Brad is not talkative. And think of the issues is nothing new, we do not know.
  6. DXIC

    LPCrimea 2.0

    LPCrimea Best site!!! Forever!!!
  7. With the "Linkin Park 8 Bit Rebellion"game coming out soon for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, I thought we'd feature a few of the characters. I designed each of these guys; here's an introduction. Long ago, the world existed in 8 bit harmony…until PixxelKorp arrived. Now, you are the rebellion's only hope to fight the evil corporation's mass-brainwashing campaign. PIXIE is PixxelKorp's mascot. He's soft and cuddly, and the kiddies love him. After all, he's selling a highly addictive product. And if you mess with him, he will eat your brains. Yum, brains. More to come… http://mikeshinoda.com/2010/04/02/lp-8-bit-rebellion-pixie/
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