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  1. the guys were actually surprised when seeing our banner : ( and their photographer took a photo of it too another view of the banner
  2. !!! really?!D: oh we told them they could take it too : (
  3. *finally I remember this account login name and now I can use back this account here lol* yea as daniel said I'll go to this show and the m&g as well, hope I can put some updates to you guys, I try my best. my twitter will be the way I put updates, my twitter link is on my signature
  4. em...someone asked him will he set an art show this year, but he said he has no plan for an art show nowi cant remember much, sorry for my bad memories D:
  5. Mike did a short LPU chat with us before he went to sleep...announcing it via Twitter shortly beforehand: http://twitter.com/m_shinoda/status/21476392306741248 I asked him whether there will be rotating setlists for the North American Tour. The capture of his answer can be found here here. Thoughts?
  6. it's pretty weird when im looking at muse official messageboard and see what musers think and looking back comments here, conclusion: lpfans' comments are more neutral LOL
  7. whey they come for me live = AWESOME!!
  8. in hong kong some cd stores ATS were out of stock@@
  9. it's #1 in my place, im from hong kong but hong kong is not a "country" though
  10. levisa92

    MTV VMA's

    linkin park can sing man!XD
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