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  1. That was just what I was going to ask here. I hope Sean will not forget Wake Me and re-release on CD.
  2. We won! (?) It really was a great show. My second LP concert and experience was better than the first. Soon the audio of the concert....unless somebody wins us in publishing it.
  3. Setlist https://www.instagram.com/p/BT-saQBhE7V/
  4. Someone make an EP of these new Cookies!
  5. Great for this! Next Reanimation Instrumental? No? ok.....
  6. Scala & Kolacny Brothers - My December https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YxZVBCC_A68 It was also released on his album "December" and a promotional single.
  7. Why not better organize the list by release? for example: Hybrid Theory: 2000 - United States, 12", 9 47755-2, Non-Gatefold 2000 - United States, 12", 9 47755-2, Gatefold 2001 - United Kingdom, 12", 9362-47755-1 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-532432, RSD Reissue 2013 - European Union, 12", 9362-49477-5, RSD Reissue 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-536985, Reissue 2013 - Canada, 12", 1-536240, Clear, Hot Topic Exclusive 2014 - European Union, 12", 9362-49414-2, Reissue PS: Missing Reanimation Canada Reissue, Germany and UK.
  8. June 13 for Europe. June 17 worldwide.
  9. This date is for release in Europe.
  10. Yes. According to CDJapan. Crawling was released on April 9, according to this promo poster. This is version 2 with 3-tracks. Let Down (v1) link. Let Down (v2) 2-Track CD. (Also there is a 3-track CD.)
  11. That is the Japanese DVD release date. It is May 28, according LP.de, and that the CD is manufactured in Germany. But that date is far away from the release of the Japanese DVD. --- PS: - It's Goin 'Down was released on March 15. - Let Down was released on December 18 (Digital Download) and CD Single on February 26 (version 2: w/ Fire - Live) - Crawl Back In CD Single released on September 25.
  12. Crawling was not released in May? According to LP.com it was in May 1 (although not very reliable) and amazon.de was on May 28. Missing H! VLTG3 / PTS.OF.ATHRTY, that according to amazon was on July 22, and H! VLTG3 vinyl on August 26.
  13. someone can get the digital booklet? Tasty Snax is available for download on Screaming Giant Records. Run Joseph Run! | Snax Also the compilation album where it appears.