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  1. it was el "dia de los inocentes" which is the joke day in spain, i completely forgot it haha
  2. I live in France and in fact LP has the same level as coldplay and even more than green day. That would be logical imo if they play in le parc des princes.
  3. I love this thread, am I the only one laughing because of the comparation of Linkin Park songs. Pale kicks ass btw
  4. Imagine Across the Line played live ..
  5. 01. Unfortunate (2002 Demo) 02. What We Don't Know (2007 Demo) 03. Oh No (Points of Authority Demo) 04. Have I Not Begun (2009 Demo) 05. Pale (2006 Demo) 06. Pretend To Be (2008 Demo) 07. Divided (2005 Demo) 08. What I've Done (Mike Shinoda Remix) 09. Coal (1997 Demo) 10. Halo (2002 Demo) LPUX tracklist Source: LPU summit, LPA.com
  6. Lol we were in paris but it was fun
  7. WOW best concert in my life!! Chester was enormous, and what a great surprise!
  8. I couldn't resist, as of now in every song i have chills!
  9. the thing written is "cyclops"
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