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  1. Sorry For Now is pretty awesome but why in gods name they featured the chipmunks? -.-
  2. I asked Mike durring the M&G if what he thinks about Forgotten over UIG. He said he will try to make it work. I think he took it literally lol.... - feel kinda bad^^ Awesome show.
  3. Tbh it's the first time ever I am really disappointed with the setlist. It is The Hunting Party Tour and they play 3 1/2 songs of it? Seriously? I thought this record was ment to be played live? Going to Stuttgart tomorrow. Excited for the M&G and not the set. Saw this one three times on YouTube already
  4. I am also not pleased with this setlist. I am not against medleys in general but I don't like 123813 abbreviated songs -.-. In Addition I think songs like Papercut or Lying From You should be FULL!. I would love to see Forgotten or By Myself again - they rehearsed It? They should play it. Get rid of Runaway, the Piano Medley (The should just use 2 sets with either LOATR or SOTD) Maybe Pushing Me Away Piano, FM, Numb as the only not-very-energetic-songs. I think it would be smart to put ALITS, KTTK, AFN or something in the set. It's a visceral tour - inspired by The Hunting Party, right? And ofc, the singles from THP? WTF? Sorry but if some new potential fan is listening to UIG or FM and buys the album - he/she will be disappointed. Sorry but those two tracks doesn't represent the album. AFN, Wastelands or KTTK would make more sense IMO. But let's see what they got in store for us. P.S.: Why would they leave the audiance if the setlist is almost the same as the previous one? -.-
  5. We got a terrible thunderstorm in germany right now. First I thought i was listening to ALITS
  6. IMO, HT(10/10) > THP (9/10) > ATS 8.5 > Meteora (8/10) > MtM (7.5/10) > LT (5/10) standout-tracks (+) Keys To The Kingdom (+) All For Nothing (+) Rebellion (+) Wastelands (+) Final Masquerade ALITS and "Mark The Graves" have to grow on me :/ UIG is the worst track of the album.
  7. I don't know if this is news-worthly but here it is.. someone was covering "Given Up" at yesterdays German Idol Show http://www.clipfish.de/special/dsds/video/...s-casting-2014/
  8. I can imagine that rob plays the drums (suprise suprise) and brad joe and dave will play samples?
  9. Any chance of this getting on YT or any filehoster?
  10. Can somebody pls rip it in HD and upload it to yt
  11. A new trailer for the Telekom Streetgigs show in Berlin aka the Living Things concert event in US theatres June 25, has been posted online including the full performance of BURN IT DOWN with lots of highlights from the show. Thoughts?
  12. maatze

    LPTV: Photo Shoot

    Wasn't Powerless the piano driven song? If yes, I guess it's powerless.
  13. This is the first MS Blog in years I disagree with. I'll buy the album; for sure, but I will also listen to it when it leaks. In addition I will throw a party, but I will throw that party 10 minutes after I downloaded the leak. There is no reason to wait. They get the money from me anyway. When ATS was leaked, I was at a houseparty at my best friends house. I took my friends laptop and burned ATS and throw it in his stereo. We listened it from start to finish. Even friends who usually didn't like LP liked WTCFM, W&K and Blackout. I even convinced one of my friends to buy the record. I don't see any reasons to wait. Excitment? Tbh the exitment to took the burned CD into the stereo was excitment enough for me. Adrenalin made my heart suffering.
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