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  1. Hopefully LP-Bits uploads a 720/1080P recording from this then
  2. ""The Playground" – Tait’s Project Manager, Brian Levine, meets up with Linkin Park in Los Angeles, CA for their load-in and live broadcast of their Civic Tour." Take a look at Linkin Park's crew behind the scenes at the Carson, CA (show page here) stop of the Honda Civic Tour last summer as they build the band's stage and prepare the venue for the show. This will air on AXS TV on July 9, 2013 at 9:30pm EST. View a trailer for the presentation here: http://vimeo.com/69677551 Source here. EDIT: You can now download this edition of "The Playground" below. Also, a YouTube link has been added. The download is via LP-Bits.org and a big thanks goes out to Nick for recording it and everyone else that helped get the downloads and video up! 720p / 492mb - Torrent 1080p / 3.09gb - Torrent
  3. Still can't believe Adam will be leaving us. He will be sadly missed..
  4. As much as I would like new music for 2013. My guts telling me that we will not get anything till early/summer next year at least.
  5. I feel like the first half has a lot of energy towards It and the second half not so much. But I still listen to It front to back either way.
  6. Agreed, we knew already that the band was In the studio but after watching that clip, I'm hyped up even more knowing the fact that the new album Is getting closer. Coming to think of It LIVING THINGS Is nearly a year old so we have 8/9 months to go If they stick to that 18 months goal.
  7. In a recent Interview with FUSE. Mike and Joe spoke about being "In the mix" and teases new music on new upcoming LPTV's In "the next couple of months." Source: LPAssociation.com and MSC
  8. I'm glad you mentioned Scotland In there since It has been so long! Due to that I've been travelling to England 4x and counting now, though It would be nice if they came back to Scotland so I could save some money by travelling lol
  9. Didn't see this one coming. This makes me wonder if they will add more arena shows before/after SS If that's the case It would most likely be Aisa shows. Here's hoping they will do a couple of more EU arena shows here and there.
  10. Hopefully Mike does another short Fort Minor tour as well since I didn't go last time.
  11. A new Fort Minor album? Never saw this one coming.
  12. I'd probably buy it anyway. But some kind of limited edition art work box set to hold the digipack/physical CDs in would be awesome
  13. If there's going to be a physical box set I am sold.
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