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  1. Crazy that people will spend all that money on items that have obvious typos that can be spotted by anyone. Rob Boudon? Mike Shinode? Josepph Hahn? ww.lpunderground.com? Ignorance is bliss.
  2. Man that would be such a shame. They're both inferior IMO. Especially NRL. The way the drum beat keeps going after the rest of the music stops right before the second chorus is so off putting and awkward. Wtf were they even thinking?
  3. Ah, back when Brad had no regard for his own back. Love seeing old stuff like this!
  4. Goodbye, Chester. I've heard his voice in my head more than anyone else's and that will probably remain true for the rest of my life.
  5. I mean, the band can't predict the future. It didn't chart that well, but it was still very successful. It's their 5th highest viewed video on YouTube, which is more than Burn It Down. Rebellion was a promo single. There was no music video or official cd release and if I'm not mistaken, it was first released in the summer of '14. FM is the final proper single and it's not a coincidence that they saved it for the last one.
  6. Don't forget Castle of Glass and Final Masquerade. Those are very radio-friendly and a nice way to go out with each album.
  7. A lot of times they like to go out with a bang and save the most radio-friendly/best song for last.
  8. Talking to Myself. Easily my least favorite song on the new album.
  9. True that. Maybe they planned on playing it all along, or the intro got them thinking about it again. Either way, I'm really hoping it's it.
  10. Roads Untraveled is long overdue. Hope that's it. Would be very random, but great nonetheless.
  11. Solid performance by the band. I like the way it was mixed. The guitars and vocals in particular sound great. MIke's vocals at the end of Crawling sound better than any other official recording I know of!
  12. Rebellion, Mark the Graves and Guilty are probably my favorites from the album.
  13. I would be very surprised if it wasn't. The band has been releasing digital live albums and EP's the past couple of albums, even when they had DSP's. The only way I can see it not happening is if there are legal troubles with Download okaying it or whoever is in charge of that sort of thing.
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