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  1. I think a huge holy grail right now apart from already mentioned ones, could've been xero audtion tape with chester's vocals on it, from which I think Stick N Move comes from. I also suspect existence of a different version of And One, that is more reminiscent of the live version. Also since Technique (Short) exists, there may be a longer version as well. I remember that there was a thread somewhere on this site speculating existence of different demos, but I don't remember its name.
  2. Do we have any pictures from this photoshoot?
  3. Wait till the next week, an MTM loving Geki will return. This the fake Geki, a villain that appears from time to time in the LPL anime.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-pHnF1sCyk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAfzUlI59rU
  5. Could somebody give me a link or post (if it is allowed ofcourse) the magazine cover where you can see Oli Sykes in the crowd at a LP show?
  6. You, Geki seem to not have understood the point they were trying to make during THP period, their statements were related to the state of rock music. That rock stations played music that could aswell be played on Disney Channel. OML isn't a rock album, and LP never said that it is, so there's no point to use these satements against OML.
  7. Man, that show was amazing. Everybody did an amazing job, I was really surprised by the fact that Matt sang BID and that Oli sang Crawling. It sucks so much that the playback was streamed instead of live vocals during Oli's performance. Is it me or was Crawling performed in a different (lower) key? Furthermore Syn was so low in the mix during Faint, that I could barely hear what he played. I also wish Daron's vocals were higher im the mix of Rebelion. I missed Jared Leto too, I think he would be amazing, if he would be there. My favourite performances were SOTD with Ryan, Rebelion with Daron,
  8. That was amazing, loved to see Chester having fun and singing. I wish the episode was longer, and uncut. I also really liked Ken, and his joking, I think that an episode with him and SOAD would be beyond hilarious.
  9. I doubt Oli would handle Faint, maybe if Jonathan (the keyboard player in BMTH) would help out. I think that APFMH, would be a more appropiate song for him, since the singing parts are relatively easy, and there are screaming parts which would fit more his style of singing. Isn't Serj Tankian performing? if so why?
  10. I want to add that Brad and Rob are jews or they are off jewish descent. As of political views I think it's safe to say LP has mostly liberal views (meaning they most possibly are democrats). Chester as Geki said was anti Trump, and had his own views on religion.
  11. Is it true that Brad signed Skylar Grey/Holly Brook to Machine Shop label when she was 18?
  12. The way I would interpret that line in the depression kind of context, is that ground being life (ground as earth (earth being someone's life on earth), opposite of sky/heaven as death) is getting colder, so it is getting less pleasing/livable. In other words life is getting worse. The way I would interpret it in the context of losing someone, is simply the line meaning that somebody's just died, since a dead body is cold, thus its burial makes the ground colder (not really (because the body will get the same temperature as the ground has), but metaphorically) or that something cold (a dead bo
  13. Sorry for putting the wrong information out there and confusing you. Before posting I heard somewhere that he did kill himself, but I didn't check if it was true or not (and it's not true).
  14. I think other artists/bands that weren't mentioned, that I think could possibly be there are Oli Sykes/BMTH and Camp Freddy. I know Suicide Silence had a memorial show dedicated to Mitch Lucker, who also killed himself.
  15. That was a beautiful video, it really touched my heart. I really liked how at times what was shown in the video, was also a part of the lyrics, like the lyric "When the world was asleep" it showed Dave sleeping, or when the lyric "When someone time runs out" in the second chorus, it showed Chester and Rob running.