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  1. I swear to god i would pay 50$ for a new Mike Shinoda sample pack, just hearing some of the stuff in his streams makes me so jealous:(
  2. My guess is that of all the layers one got forgotten or just left in as is.
  3. YES! But i could have sworn there was a longer cleaner version. But thats defenetly the beat.
  4. I remember there was one really cool outro song they used that never really got released anywhere else but i can´t really find it anymore. It was maybe even a part of a pro shot or tv broadcast. It would be cool to compile al those small songs somewhere.
  5. I really hope so too, thats such a great insight into Mike´s creative process!
  6. Interesting, never heard about APFMH and With you. But i´ve heard people cuting together snippets from the playback stems and Dj hero and passing it off as POA multitracks😅 I came to the conclusion that they simply do not exist.
  7. Numb being out there is new to me, are there any indicators like with HHH or was someone just claiming he had it?
  8. Damn, i´m guessing whoever exported them had an harddrive failure then or something like that. What a shame.😪
  9. Wait, Until it breaks and the Messenger are out there?
  10. Yup, that worked and deffenetly sounded similar!
  11. Just out of curiosity, could you reupload the comparison somwhere else please? I can´t acces Zippyshare in germany😐
  12. The part you are talking about is still a vocal part through some Vocoder or whatever kind of crazy thing they used at a time. I rather have a clean instrumental in that situation and that part on the acapella track.
  13. I second this, this is the best live version of that song.
  14. Probably talking about thoose Mpc demos.
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