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  1. I dunno if i asked this already but is there a quick way to convert those files to .wav? Like in a batch maybe🙄
  2. Pretty easy actually, i always wondered why they didn´t keep that effect.
  3. Not really saved anything, since nothing worked none of the 100+ presets sound anything close so i just figured its some kind of effects unit mike has. I thought maybe someonce would maybe know but it seems there is more to the sound than just the prophet.
  4. There obviously has to be some kind of rereleasing going on, since it says 1996 2000 2002 on the back, that could explain why i kept seeing 2002 as release on several stores etc. Of cousre its been released in 96 there is no doubt in that, when its litterally on the back of the sleeve:D Also about the siren and the papercut sample, those are somewhat common, but back when we didn´t have the official vinyls from joe and when stuff like serato was crazy expensive i spent ages finding different samples and i think i found the origin of the Poa/Bth sample https://www.thud
  5. I don´t really see a yellow middle but thats maybe because i have a video with bad quality. but hear the beat thats on the Super duck breaks. Whats interesting is that it says pretty much everywhere that the record came out in 2002, but on Dj babus wikipedia site it says 96 wich would make more sense. Then its possible that the drum loop from runaway came from this record. Quite the coincidence that thoose 2 loops are so similiar.
  6. Strange that google tells me otherwise, also the vinyl joe plays with in that video is the 100MPH Backsliding Turkey Kuts from Dj Qbert wich came out in 97. I even got the vinyl just because of that video. Check at around 0:40 where you can see the picture in the middle then check the picture from 100MPH Backsliding Turkey Kuts.
  7. That would have solved it tbh, but as far as google tells me that Record came out in 2002 with is a few year later than HT. Though its not impossible for that beat to be on a different break record that was released earlier. Also all they did to PB was hipass the end section of it to release it. I´m wondering why they did not just do that for lpu9 since its quite the simple edit.
  8. You guys must be joking right? I think i mentioned that a few times and nobody cared, at least now people seem to reallize thats more or less the same sample😁 My guess is either the band just didn´t want the song out there for whatever reason and made up that sample excuse and by guessing how forgetfull mike is he didn´t reallize they have more or less the same sample in Runnaway. Since that song is on Ht i doubt it would have slipped through the cracks but pictureboard not. Or the song contains some other sample that made releasing it in the past problematic and they forgot
  9. I allready asked in the shoutbox but maybe here is a better place, i need help with a synth tone mike used when producing These Dreams a few streams ago. 2.8 Producing Jordin Laine's "These Dreams" at around 1 hour 51 minutes. I´m trying to get a similar sound on the prophet from arturia for a few days now but nothing sounds even close, is anyone here maybe able to help me out on this one?
  10. My trial is up too, used it waay before the stuff from mike came out. Is there any chance someone has converted all those samples with the .snd extension to .wav?
  11. The hi hats rhythm does sound pretty similar i think but that does not necessarily mean its the same song. Just like with So far away and Soundtrack(i think) where they used the drum beat from an older demo.
  12. I still sometimes think about the guy and how he got to Pitureboard TWICE! What a time we live in.
  13. Thats what i was thinking and don´t forget that some time ago people started recreating different things to pass of as snippets, like with COG for example. I think its nothing more than that although in a much more sophisticated way. But against all odds i really hope that they are real even though i have my doubts.
  14. The one for Toolegit has some stuff that sounds kinda strange, the WAYW one sounds like its real but i´m not convinced about the other 3.
  15. Thanks alot, i was looking in the Xero current folder not the Beat bits one!
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