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  1. Its a shame since there have to be a lot(me included) musicians/producers that watch mikes streams because there interested in the stuff he does etc. But I guess maybe someone should tell him to upload the sample pack as a Nft, then he´ll do it right away😆
  2. I think around the time mike really started streaming and was taking the questions he got asked about it and his answer was something like "oh yeah, I could do that" and then we never heard anything about it again🙄
  3. Yeah, I thought about a pack of loops. Shame Mike tends to ignore stuff like that.
  4. Man, I kinda read the title wrong and expected Mayo drum loops or something fun. At least the song isnt bad!
  5. Have you tried finding it out maybe? You post corrections all the time so it should be easy for you to find out. If they didn´t track And One to click then you´ll only get an estimate. Or you just take the bpm of the rap section at the end since thats defenetely on a grid.
  6. I generally always liked the stuff LP put out, but the whole Drawbar thing always kinda felt strange to me. It would have been allright but mentioning Tom and then just having a short instrumental track with barely any guitar is just Dissapointing. I wouldn´t even mention him at that point if I was in the band, they would have known that they are setting up for a huge dissapointment.
  7. Did you even look into A Hybrid party of a thousand thing? Or do you just make stuff up and hope no one notices:D
  8. Thats true, we are going straight into a future where all the stuff I mentioned is easily possible with one mouse click. If not more.
  9. I don´t know anything about the software they used but I cartainly can´t ge Clean Drums out of any software like RX8 the more Overheads the more it gets that underwater filter like sound, if they would go for that kind of low tech approach instead of just leaving the tracks without masters out then its just shoddy. HT itself sounds totaly fine and I´m sure the tracks with the multitracks available will too. But the second problem comes from how I found out they mixed HT for this release if we take Papercut for example The center track contains Lead vocals,Bass some synths and The Kick, Snare, the Hihat mics and the two sampled beats that run troughout most of the song. The Drum Overheads and room mics are on the first two Channels. You can maybe with everything you got get a somewhat usable drum track, no software I heard of can split a Drum bus into its elements again. Let alone decipher a samples beat from what counts as overheads for example. I´m no beatles fan but I´m guessing in the early stages they used Max 2 guitar tracks, 1 bass, 2 or 3 vocal tracks and maybe a stereo drum track. Like I said in a previous post the more tracks the session got the more problem then to happen with filtering software. RX works great if you have a simple track with just Drums bass guitar and Vocals.
  10. I have RX8 but there are still artefacts when extracting, the more instruments the more artefacts. IMO thats something we can do to play around with or make remixed but not something for an official release from the band. I would love to hear from someone who was heard some of the older tracks in Atmos. Stuff like RME wasn´t even recorded properly too there is no way you can filer all the necessary Tracks out of a single stereo file. RX8 can do stuff we dind´t believe a few year ago, but if I try to filter out the voice of a densly produced track its still sounding filtered out. You can maybe get a presentable Acapella out of a track, but never a good drum track or single guitar track.
  11. I see no other way to mix it,or at least all the stems that the band has. If I´m not wrong since the atmos channels are like little submixes, yout can´t cleanly take out drums from a track, maybe there is such technology but that would probs not work on songs that are packed that tight like LP productions are. Then its also a release by a huge band I don´t think they would do half measures in that regard. Worst case would be the songs that just have no stems anymore since they lost them or whatever just won´t have Atmos verisons.
  12. What were the differences in across the line again? I sometimes wonder if the "alternate" versions are the proper versions and the other ones are something like tests to see how stuff sounded that through mislableing got mixed, mastered and released. One would normaly say thats impossible but you never know if the band even listened to the album before it was allready out.
  13. I think it sounds just a bit similiar because thats how Mike programs beats, if it would be the exact pattern it would be different but BID has a different hihat pattern. The Wizard song theory could hold more truth though!
  14. Interesting, She Couldn´t was always really interresting for me. The guitar part and overall structure was very different for LP at that time.
  15. Wait, where does this Flower info come from?
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