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  1. The part you are talking about is still a vocal part through some Vocoder or whatever kind of crazy thing they used at a time. I rather have a clean instrumental in that situation and that part on the acapella track.
  2. I second this, this is the best live version of that song.
  3. Probably talking about thoose Mpc demos.
  4. No concrete proof, but i asked the guy that has iridescent if he could share it, and he told me he either wants 100€ or Trade for Cog or Uig High Seperation. Wich leads me to believe that there are Versions like that for theese songs, like there were for Battle symphony and Invisible. Thats all speculations though.
  5. Has when they come for me leaked yet? if we count unleaked stems too you should list Castle of glass and Until its gone too.
  6. A light that never comes just leaked, 81 Tracks but they all seem to be split stereo files.
  7. How the hell do peolpe get their hands on this stuff in the first place? its not like with the HT Multitracks that we know the source of
  8. Wasn´t Holla a Fort minor song?
  9. i know people have them but i messaged a hand full of people but no one had them also google isnt helping either so they are not properly leaked i think
  10. Just curious with all the multitracks that leaked this year have the pushing me away multis goten into circulation yet or are they still not leaked?
  11. are those tracks by any chance seeing the light of day?...prabally not.
  12. are you guys sure side B 3:02 - 4:18 is not the chorus of step up?
  13. Nice! i´m really looking forward to thoose samples. Also big thank you to you for sharing such rare material!
  14. Awesome! and when is it going to be released?
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