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  1. Good question, I think it's only mp3. This is the original thread but the link is not working anymore... https://www.lpassociation.com/forum/threads/lpa-monthly-mix-up-april-2014-guilty-all-the-same-deadline-may-5.40208/ Does anybody remember if those were WAVs? Looks neat No, there is no central place for these as this is not exactly legal to share xD Reddit used to be the place to go to but recently things have become more strict and they delete links to multitracks pretty quickly. You can still find a lot of them via Google though. Btw, Walter was so nice and shared his multitrack collection, which apart from the fully separated Invisible multitracks (35 files, mp3), didn't have anything that hadn't been leaked before.
  2. Thanks for compiling! I was actually working on a similar post...but I guess you were faster haha
  3. Is there proof of the existence of Castle of glass and Until it's gone multitracks?
  4. How about references to LP trivia, like demo names or well received live shows, specific live recordings, etc?
  5. @martinez Do you know where I can buy the THP and Living Things Acapellas & Instrumentals in lossless? Only found the mp3 versions.
  6. Interesting! I wasn't aware of that. I thought that they are lossless but potentially from a different source. But I guess, in that case, it could just be a false negative from the software.
  7. Very cool, thank you! How did you do that? 😮 Here you go: https://mega.nz/#!vPxTBQLZ!eunZEdeWQO8HysN-md2n-YLTIVao9kaLVXhDfWyUmww
  8. Recently, I have been digging more into how to discern if a lossless file is truly lossless and not an upsampling/upscaling of a lossy source. It turns out that looking at the cutoff in the frequency spectrum is not sufficient to truly judge the native bitrate. However, there's a software that goes through more sophisticated tests/algorithms to check for upsampling/upscaling: http://losslessaudiochecker.com/ Using this software I checked the most recently leaked lossless instrumental albums. Here's the result ['clean' meaning no upsampling/upscaling detected]: Hybrid Theory - all clean Reanimation - all clean A Thousand Suns - 'Wisdom, Justice, and Love', 'Fallout', and 'The Messenger' upsampled, others clean One More Light - 'One More Light' upsampled, others clean Post Traumatic - 'Place To Start' and 'Nothing Makes Sense Anymore' upsampled, others clean I am not entirely sure if we can trust the evaluation a 100% but it should be better than just looking at the frequency spectrum. My guess is that the songs that were detected to be upsampled were taken from another lossless source (Post Traumtic EP, ATS album, OML multis) and slightly modified to match the other files in terms of bitrate.
  9. I see, thanks for clarifying! Interesting. Actually, it seems like the files (except for the song One More Light) are not upconverts as I will detail in the other thread. This is actually the multitrack thread, not the instrumental thread
  10. What do you mean by much better? I think the average human ear cannot even discern 320 kbps mp3 and wav in most cases. And you are saying you can hear a difference between two lossless versions that have slightly different bitrate? Or is your version mixed/mastered differently altogether?
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