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  1. They will probably release demos again once they have decided what LP's future will be. If they are not ready to release new/old music then it's their call. I feel like there's a high chance that LP will release some demos within LPU in the next couple years.
  2. Where did the Meteora instrumentals come from then? The album is from 2003 and CDs were used a lot....so I'd expect that there exists some sort of promo CD for the Meteora instrumentals. I'm just guessing that very few people have these CDs and they are not sharing them. But who knows...
  3. You're contradicting yourself...what don't you agree with Warner then if you write that none of this should have been leaked and you understand that they are pissed? I agree with what Hahninator wrote - LP should be the ones who decide when they are ready to release demos again. However, imho they should look the other way when it comes to multitracks, instrumentals and alike. Its all from music we already bought and it's just interesting for the hardcore fans to hear the separate layers (or for remixing purposes). My thought is also that they might be pissed because the song that leaked has Mike as a lead vocalist. So, if a lot of people hear a new song from Linkin Park that has Mike as the lead makes people believe that's the direction LP decided to go to. They surely don't want to be pressured into a decision.
  4. To answer my own question: It seems that these were upconverted and are not true 320kbps mp3 files. Looking at the frequency spectrum they basically look the same and cut off between 15 and 20 kHz. As I'm not an expert at audio stuff, I am still not 100% sure, though. Would still be cool if we could get a single source rip for the entire instrumental album.
  5. Also, in the new leak 'In Pieces' and 'No More Sorrow' are at a higher bitrate (320kbps). Is this an upconversion or actually a better quality?
  6. What was recently shared were the In Pieces and No More Sorrow instrumentals and the hands held high acapella, afaik. Interesting. What new version is that on itunes?
  7. Cool, thanks! What software do you use?
  8. How was PMA leaked? I don't see much use for having the tracks even more separated imho. 40+ tracks is already quite a lot to handle xD
  9. Yes, it's strange indeed - especially that it's from the ATS era. Maybe Astat knows more details? He wrote that the HT multitracks were owned by a small circle already 10ish years ago and that the OML multitracks came from an anonymous "mole" who had high-level digital content access at Warner. Maybe the ATS stuff comes from the same guy? Probably, some people want to make some money with these files and that's why they decided to leak it for free to stop them from making money? I agree...an update to the thread would be necessary at this point.
  10. Waiting for the end multitracks are out (41 files, aligned, flac).
  11. Can somebody confirm that this refers to the concert stems?
  12. This is amazing - thanks for putting this together! I feel like there should be a more obvious link/button to that archive on the main website (or am I blind and didn't find it?).
  13. Cool!! Thanks for sharing I used the same mic setting But wish I was more experienced with audio post-production...
  14. You're very welcome! Yes, the setlist was insane for that show!!
  15. I taped the entire concert's audio with my Zoom H2 and I think it turned out pretty well considering it is an omnidirectional mic Hope you guys enjoy! Download: Mike Shinoda live at Arena Wien, Vienna, Austria - September 7, 2018 [FLAC] https://mega.nz/#!raIxHAaI!LYA0sIzuIsJv6vS4ke5JTqR2Xkkld1GuJaTdLI0ACns
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