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  1. They worked together on WAYW?
  2. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
  3. All 94 vinyls?! That's a pretty generous deal!
  4. The second video was interesting but it's so cringe what Mark was doing....it sounds like any other song from their band and didn't fit at all with what Mike started to compose xD
  5. Dude, thanks so much! How did you do that?...he kept talking xD Could you make a separate master thread with your edits and post the mp3s, please? Maybe name the thread like "Mike Streaming Demos" or "Corona jam demos".
  6. Haha thanks! I posted it on Reddit as well...you can like it there
  7. Wow, so much drama 😮 The only thing missing in this thread....Geki! lol Can we unblock him for a couple days just to make this drama perfect? But jokes aside...I am not up to date with this drama but I am inclined to trust Hahninator and Astat on this one. Hence, won't be spending any money on this.
  8. Dude, that harddrive story was so sad 😕 How could they steal/lose it xD
  9. Thought the same thing! But Mike's hit-rate is very high though I am amazed how easily he can produce good music in such short time frames.
  10. This was awesome! Hope he'll release a version of this sometime
  11. Pretty forgettable song imho. The songs Mike puts together while streaming for an hour are better than this xD
  12. Please, could someone share it regardless? Not sure how much quality difference there is between an m4a and the audio ripped from the youtube video, but whatever
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