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  1. Is there a better version of Blackout without the many mistakes on the synth part? What were the other songs that you changed your mind about @Garret? Overall, amazing selection of songs ❤️ Thanks again.
  2. Yes, they leaked for free. Some are harder to find than others but you should be able to find them for free. Don't pay for it. If you have questions write me a PM. Also, Jeff, people can be fans without collecting (illegally leaked) stuff
  3. What do you mean? They have all been leaked, so yes, you can get all of these - you just need to search for it. I guess, Iridescent is missing on that list, which has also been leaked recently.
  4. As you guys have noticed, it's not really 100+ multis for the ATS songs. It's split up into left/right channels and it includes sub-mixes (and raw vocals). It's more like 40ish unique multitracks. What I noticed though, on most of the ATS multis is that the guitars are split into L/R channels, but only one has audio. So, it has guitar 1 L/R and guitar 2 L/R - but guitar 1 is effectively only on the left and guitar 2 is effectively only on the right. Is this typical, Astat?
  5. Sorry to hear that, man 😕 Hope you can get back on your feet soon! Live is a constant up and down...wish you the best of luck to get out of this down-phase! Do you have a list of your stuff? Do you have ANY idea how hard it is to get a work permit in the U.S. as a foreigner?
  6. Good question, I think it's only mp3. This is the original thread but the link is not working anymore... https://www.lpassociation.com/forum/threads/lpa-monthly-mix-up-april-2014-guilty-all-the-same-deadline-may-5.40208/ Does anybody remember if those were WAVs? Looks neat No, there is no central place for these as this is not exactly legal to share xD Reddit used to be the place to go to but recently things have become more strict and they delete links to multitracks pretty quickly. You can still find a lot of them via Google though. Btw, Walter was so nice and shared his multitrack collection, which apart from the fully separated Invisible multitracks (35 files, mp3), didn't have anything that hadn't been leaked before.
  7. Thanks for compiling! I was actually working on a similar post...but I guess you were faster haha
  8. Is there proof of the existence of Castle of glass and Until it's gone multitracks?
  9. How about references to LP trivia, like demo names or well received live shows, specific live recordings, etc?
  10. @martinez Do you know where I can buy the THP and Living Things Acapellas & Instrumentals in lossless? Only found the mp3 versions.
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