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  1. Oh man, I knew I heard the piano of Crystalina somewhere! It was bugging me that I couldn't remember where I had heard it. And you're right - it's straight from Stem! Thanks a lot! Overall, I find vol1 and vol2 pretty similar in that they both have good and not so good songs. But I am also not a big fan of 8bit-style. My favorites off of vol2 are Transitions, Crystalina, and King Paprika.
  2. Yep, exactly. Free will clearly doesn't exist (not on a scientific level but worse, not even on a subjective level, i.e. even in your subjective experience you cannot explain where any one thought comes from). And yes, it's pretty fruitless to speculate what contributed and to what extent. But I think we can clearly say that Chester wouldn't have killed himself that day (regardless of the amount of OML criticism) if he didn't have a fucked up childhood. Sure, it's a sum of all of his experiences up to this point but I think our experiences in childhood are much more significant when it comes to mental health (+genetics as you mentioned). Also it appears to be crucial that that day was the anniversary of his best friend's suicide.
  3. Chester tried killing himself November 2016, many months before anything OML-related was released. I think it's very far-fetched that the OML criticism had anything to do with his death, at all. But ultimately, we cannot see into a person's mind and it's useless to discuss about it. I just think it's unlikely that this played any (major) role in Chester's mental problems. I feel like they received a decent amount of criticism for every album after Meteora, but yes, maybe the most for OML. Edit: Oops, Justin had already written the same xD
  4. I mean why would a band wanna be associated with a racist? It's not really political, it's just being decent human beings.
  5. He is such a well-rounded person, it's amazing. It has always been fascinating to me how he handled the fame and his own ego. It seems like he managed to always stay grounded.
  6. Mhm Mike doesn't seem to be excited about the GD album...but he kept his comment vague. Cool that he supports Jaime though.
  7. I'd think that Astat knows better what they are playing on the guitar than LP themselves
  8. They worked together on WAYW?
  9. Awesome! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
  10. All 94 vinyls?! That's a pretty generous deal!
  11. The second video was interesting but it's so cringe what Mark was doing....it sounds like any other song from their band and didn't fit at all with what Mike started to compose xD
  12. Dude, thanks so much! How did you do that?...he kept talking xD Could you make a separate master thread with your edits and post the mp3s, please? Maybe name the thread like "Mike Streaming Demos" or "Corona jam demos".
  13. Haha thanks! I posted it on Reddit as well...you can like it there
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