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  1. Your chance of collecting all 9 with 15 draws is about 11.8%. So, I wish you luck - still possible! Also, maybe you can trade with someone if 1 is missing (50.0% chance to get 8 out of 9 with 15 draws).
  2. Not sure if anyone cares, but I wondered what the amount of money is that you need to spend on average to get all pieces. Ran a Monte Carlo simulation (1M iterations), here are the results (rounded up): Mecha Man (1 of 4) $50.00 each $450 (9 draws) Dropped Frames (1 of 25) $25.00 each $2400 (96 draws) Steam Punk Solider (1 of 9) $40.00 each $1040 (26 draws) Hold the Phone (1 of 16) $35.00 each $1925 (55 draws)
  3. Time stamps on second video: 48:03 Megan Lenius song 1:41:26 Becko song
  4. Great song! I wonder why it takes them so long to release it (and not other songs)?
  5. Very cool song! Anywhere I can buy the flac? Or even mp3 would be fine as long as it's not stupid itunes...
  6. As mentioned in here before, it's quite likely that the person who buys this for 30k+ isn't even a Mike/LP fan but rather someone from the crypto community with money lying around to invest in anything crypto-related. I think it doesn't even matter what exactly he is selling to them as long as they can sell it in the future for profit.
  7. Idk, this does sound very pessimistic...I think Mike is someone who loves to try out new technologies and it's more about the novelty/idea in this specific instance. This would also get old quickly if he'd sell a new "exclusive" song every month. I might be wrong but I doubt money is his sole motivator at this point. And 10k isn't even that much if you compare it to the profit of one (successful) album or a tour, no?
  8. Could be, but it doesn't disprove that it's the actual acapella. Listen to the officially released "Over Again" acapella of the Post Traumatic EP (for example around 28 seconds). You can hear similar bleeding artifacts that come from the headphones that the singers use while recording the vocals. This is actually pretty common in official acapellas (but barely noticeable). Edit: I am not sure how well people were able to generate acapellas from instrumentals back in 2005. I still think it's from an official source, but maybe I'm wrong.
  9. Well, yes? I'm pretty sure it's the official acapella just that I don't remember where I got it from back in the day. Here it is: https://mega.nz/file/vXA0jZqY#fAwGtkAnHoQKKOut7xkKvwNp3SCQBTEUkrRo804OIfE
  10. Alex's song is turning out really well, imho! You can listen to its most recent state here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/878675336?t=01h21m47s
  11. Alex really deserved this - was so cool seeing his song being produced! https://twitter.com/razorrednoise/status/1349814986722390022?s=20https://twitter.com/razorrednoise/status/1349814986722390022?s=20
  12. Oh man, I knew I heard the piano of Crystalina somewhere! It was bugging me that I couldn't remember where I had heard it. And you're right - it's straight from Stem! Thanks a lot! Overall, I find vol1 and vol2 pretty similar in that they both have good and not so good songs. But I am also not a big fan of 8bit-style. My favorites off of vol2 are Transitions, Crystalina, and King Paprika.
  13. Yep, exactly. Free will clearly doesn't exist (not on a scientific level but worse, not even on a subjective level, i.e. even in your subjective experience you cannot explain where any one thought comes from). And yes, it's pretty fruitless to speculate what contributed and to what extent. But I think we can clearly say that Chester wouldn't have killed himself that day (regardless of the amount of OML criticism) if he didn't have a fucked up childhood. Sure, it's a sum of all of his experiences up to this point but I think our experiences in childhood are much more significant when it comes t