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  1. Well Summer Sonic doing something similar to this. so let's hope for SS06🤑
  2. Is this possible to record it?! If yes, I need to tell some people about this
  3. any chance someone upload it to mega?!
  4. On HT 20th anniversary's day I think they will announce something about their future too. something like "this person is our new singer" or "our new album will come out that day and we will work without a new singer"
  5. ATS has a lot of Persian scales. Especially WTCFM and W&K. we have old songs very similar to these two songs. I remember at the time they released ATS, Mike posted some stuffs about Persians on his personal site. Very Interesting. Do you think at some points LP goes to Eminem for a song and he didn't want to that?! Or maybe Eminem goes to LP and they didn't want to do a song together?!
  6. Just search Linkin Park on sharemania. 😉
  7. The funny part is that I have almost all of this videos in "vevo-1080p" quality or much better. for example:
  8. to be honest I didn't watch any of those live streams because I'm really really busy these days. only this topic. thank you
  9. You guys already said everything but here is three more: 1- Do you guys remember the promotion for this show: https://lplive.net/shows/2013/20130803 Like we were all prepared for (at least) RME full thing but all we get was this: Bleed It Out (Ext. Bridge w/ Reading My Eyes Verse 1; Ext. Outro) 2- Releasing the shows we already watched on TV as official DVDs like ATS+, LT+,etc. We have Madrid 2010 show in feed quality ( a 20 F*CKING GB video). I mean didn't you guys have other shows that filmed proshot under your pillows?! 3- (This on is kinda a personal opinion) Changing completely the direction of their 4th album. According to demos we heard from that era that album would be really heavy. I like ATS a lot btw and I'm not saying they shouldn't released ATS
  10. didn't know we have a legend on the site thank you Pooch
  11. DL link if you need it: http://gof.ir/22i95/LINKIN-PARK-EN-ARGENTINA-Maximus-Festival-2017-EXCLUSIVO-VORTERIX.mp4.html
  12. Or: https://lplive.net/shows/2000andearlier/20000224
  13. I didn't receive a download link😑
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