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  1. Thank you Astat for the infos about the scream part on Just Like Heroin They didn't show any mercy to this one. totally agree with you here
  2. Any news about what songs they broadcasted?
  3. My top 3 from the album: 1- In Time 2- The syndrome 3- Sickness The worst one is definitely B12
  4. Thanks man. this is beautiful
  5. It's already on my playlist. very good remix
  6. Blackbird, Across The Line, Primo Someone give me more examples please😅 just look at 'In Between" and you know what I mean
  7. so...nothing from the show yet?! are we sure they'll broadcast anything from that night's set?
  8. Her last EP "angel with tattoo" is very good
  9. https://lplive.net/forums/topic/14217-dl-linkin-park-20130810-chiba-japan-summer-sonic-festival-source-1g/
  10. The only song we don't have from this show's proshot sources is In The End But I would like to see APFMH and Papercut with a good audio edit. all you can hear is Dave's bass my youtube-dl is kinda messed up these days so someone please try to record it man look at the end of this setlist: ITE, BIO, Faint, OSC
  11. Numb from source 1f if anyone is interested: https://mega.nz/file/w153SS6B#Q_0ruO-zpVjMHn_oQUIwhz5f5zLr_tLNnFz1Wguju_A
  12. I don't think so What a great news. I always commenting on their FB's posts to broadcast SS06
  13. better than almost all of the Recharged's tracks.
  14. Funny story about GU Thanks guys
  15. Thank you. I also recorded foo fighters set if anyone is interested Edit: I just checked the audio I recorded and it's looks like they didn't broadcast anything from Foo fighters.
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