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  1. here is a new link if someone need it: https://mega.nz/#F!Vw4UlAxL!qrjMHkEVe79JqZ1-ewdYWg
  2. Thank you Felipe. it's weird that the whole video is black and white
  3. I don't have the original video but this might help you:
  4. only 2 or 3 people have it and they all label it as a NFT (Not For Trade) record
  5. wow.I couldn't even remember this show has a little proshot source man, I lost a lot of good stuff after my HDD destroyed. and the link still working.that's great
  6. Thank you for your hard works
  7. Original files that chideo shared from Carnivores Tour
  8. Thank you. Edit: about torrent.maybe Lexx from lp-bits can help us or maybe you can upload it to dimeadozen or thetradersden
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