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  1. https://sharemania.us/threads/my-life-on-mtv-s01e04-linkin-park-green-day-1080p-web-dl-nikshell29.162535/
  2. I'm not quite sure but someone who watched the program told me about it
  3. 1. Wake 2. Given Up 3. Bleed It Out 4. Leave Ot All The Rest 5. What I've Done 6. Shadow Of The Day 7. No More Sorrow 8. No Roads Left 9. Blackbirds 10. Valentine's Day 11. In Pices 12. Across The Line 13. The Little Things Give You Away
  4. 2001: https://lplive.net/shows/2001/20010919
  5. I think last time this person asked for 50,000 which is crazy
  6. You are totally right A full professionally video/audio mixed show from that tour would be amazing
  7. not all of us are active and some people like myself can't donate anything because of the US and Iran situation.also if I change my money to US dollars my salary is 100$ per month. money is one of the only problems here sometimes tapers just don't want to share their files.just like that but I will try to help the cause however I can.
  8. MTV recorded only one song from this show: LFY we already have one full show from PR04 I want something from LP Underground Tour 2003, PR03 and Summer Sanitarium 2003 but of course MFR 05 and SS 06 are on top of the list
  9. you are probably right but I think audio is only Las Vegas show
  10. 100% agree does anyone know which songs are from San Diego show?
  11. the PR02 DVD is from San Diego 2002 show and Las Vegas 2002 show or only Las Vegas 2002 show?! and someone please record this Q&A.