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  1. it is weird version with synthetic violas/leads instead of whisper synth which Hahn used live/album
  2. They are from concert samples if I am not mistaken
  3. By myself - multitracks are out in wild world
  4. wow I did not notice this one thank you
  5. Wait what? where? can you send me the link?
  6. finally after long time... they are out once again
  7. I sent him a request but he is not responding, ofc...
  8. The worst album in their carrier, the end of the review
  9. Is it possible to be this proshot/SDB recording? Because cover looks fanmade so sound is going to be bootleg, maybe http://www.ebay.com/itm/382054645879
  10. truly this was the only one song what I was waiting for
  11. lmao I almost sh*t myself when I read it
  12. they absolutely ruined COG outro... it was epic masterpiece back in 2014-5
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