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  1. I am wondering... who is singing forgotten demo outro?
  2. interesting.... last chord before slide at the end is different (at least in my version)
  3. Hey Cesar, great job lets try mix it with this sample I just created it will have much larger sound https://mega.nz/file/IdhXmYoa#4fg2ofQulEmq_sQle63bkdADaOWPj803PTGkfpiY-jE
  4. Mike said during livestream about "problems" with pluging (his) second guitar or having two amps on the stage at the beginning of their career. Is this true? Did they have only one guitar shows as LP or did he mean it as Xero? I am not that familiar with this hardcore oldschool "tech" side of LP.
  5. it is weird version with synthetic violas/leads instead of whisper synth which Hahn used live/album
  6. They are from concert samples if I am not mistaken
  7. By myself - multitracks are out in wild world
  8. wow I did not notice this one thank you
  9. Wait what? where? can you send me the link?
  10. finally after long time... they are out once again
  11. I sent him a request but he is not responding, ofc...
  12. The worst album in their carrier, the end of the review
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