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  1. Chester said the release date for the new album appears in one of the latest LPTVs. Considering the dates below, does it seem a long time between the release of the first single and June (which may be the month of the release of the album)? LIVING THINGS 06.04.2012 BURN IT DOWN Puzzle starts 16.04.2012 BURN IT DOWN Single release 08.05.2012 Scavenger Hunt starts 24.05.2012 BURN IT DOWN Music Video; LIES GREED MISERY Single release 26.06.2012 LIVING THINGS Album release LP6 07.03.2014 Guilty All The Same Single release xx.06.2014 LP6 Album release
  2. deftonesfan867, in LPAssociation forum, found this news: "Jesse from KDGE in Dallas will be interviewing Chester and Phoenix on Thursday. http://www.kdge.com/onair/jess2thee-976/ca...12122577/"
  3. The 30STM has made several broadcasts by Vyrt.com, including a transmission of show number 300 of This is War tour. The transmission wasn't only the show but also the backstage. Could this be applied to a possible LPU Summit on this summer tour?
  4. One more date! "VIP Club Access: Linkin Park - This is not a concert ticket Nikon at Jones Beach Theater, Wantagh, NY Tue, Aug 19, 2014 06:30 PM" Link 1/Link 2
  5. Hello guys I was looking for more information about possible shows of this tour when I found this on the 98Rock (97.9 Baltimore) radio site: "Thursday: - Plus it's a Ticket Thursday! Win tix to see Linkin Park with Thirty Seconds to Mars and AFI at Jiffy Lube Live on 8/13" Link AFI is A Fire Inside correct? Jiffy Lube Live was the first date of the 2012 Honda Civic Tour (11.08.2012).
  6. Sorry guys. I searched using the date. So I didn't see that this possible show has already been much discussed.
  7. Hi guys After Mike reveal/spread new flyers for Sunset Strip show in 03.08.2013 (announcing Hybrid Theory and Xero concerts), I decided to search more about Xero shows. I know that LPLive perfoms a amazing work with live stuff of Linkin Park and related acts, but I decided to search more (maybe find some news from that era about the band). I found infos about a Xero concert in 10.08.1997. To my surprise, this show isn't here, in LP Live 2000 and Earlier. This is a fake? The information is in a site called Mrs-Shinoda.de.tl. The page about Xero in this site explains about about the discovery of the band and and talks about this show. See the complete information below (lots of information we already know): "Xero recorded a four-track cassette sampler in 1997 with another Agoura High acquaintance, Mark Wakefield, as lead vocalist. The tape was released locally in 1997. After garnering attention doing minor shows for friends, the band hooked the opening slot for a System of a Down show at the Los Angeles club ‘The Whisky’. Executives from Zomba Music were at the concert and signed the band to a development deal directly after the concert. The guys realized they had something special on their hands and started to get more serious, sensing they had a future in the music business. Despite their efforts over the next three years, Xero were rejected by every major and independent label in the business. Mark Wakefield left the band to become the manager for "Taproot" and recorded one solo track called "Ground Xero". Chester Bennington took his place in the band and they changed their name into "Hybrid Theory" short after. XERO was an American Nu-Metal/Hip-Hop band formed in 1996 It included Mark Wakefield, Mike Shinoda, Rob Bourdon, Joe Hahn, Brad Delson and Dave Farrell . The original name they chose was SuperXero but it was revised to Xero. They made just one demo tape, which included the songs "Fuse", "Reading My Eyes", "Stick N' Move" and "Rhinestone". The project floundered and they never achieved much success. After Mark Wakefield left to become the manager for Taproot. The guys played around for fun and started getting attention from friends. So they set up a show at LA's Whisky and got signed to Zomba Music Publishing their 1st show. They were with the bands: System of a Down and SX-10. Although there are very few recordings available online, there was a brief concert featuring Xero opening for Cypress Hill. Although the main concert hasn't been confirmed, it is at least known that the concert did exist, and with more songs than the original Xero Demo Tape had on it. The setlist is as follows: Xero - 10-08-97: Lynus Brook club, L.A. Setlist: 01-Rhinestone 02-The Team 03-Reading My Eyes 04-Untitled [in The End DEMO] 05-Explode 06-Rhinestone (part two) [stick N Move DEMO] 07-Now I See 08-Fuse" Any thoughts? Fake?
  8. The next clue can be: "It was headlining of Honda Civic Tour". It could be the Maroon 5 (Honda Civic Tour 2005) or Linkin Park (2012). On the Facebook page they wished happy birthday to members of some bands that have made Honda Civic Tour: Adam Levine (Maroon 5, 2005), blink-182 (Mark Hoppus, 2001 and 2011) and Benji and Joel Madden (Good Charlotte, 2003). But they didn't wish happy birthday for any member of LP. Maroon 5 is currently on tour in USA (since February 13th until April 6th, 31 dates). Linkin Park did two tours in USA in 2008 (North American, February/March, 20 dates but 2 canceled; Projekt Revolution, July/August, 24 dates and 2 Non-PR). LP didn't repeat the cities in 2008 North American tours: Maroon 5 has a bit of both LP 2008 tours in USA in this current tour. Finally, 3 of 5 photos that are with the clues are photos of Linkin Park (maybe only to illustrate the posts). So... hard to say that will be Linkin Park, because from what was announced there won't be more shows in LT Worldwide Tour in USA... But there is some evidence for Linkin Park in HCT again... Off-Topic: about LP shows in UK. Maybe LP headlining one date of iTunes Festival again? Because iTunes Festival is usually in September (so after LP in Summer Sonic Festival), but nothing has been announced yet for this year.
  9. 09.08.2001 Wantagh, NY. Last show of 2001 that didn't have In The End
  10. 07.10 SP: Standard Ticket = R$ 280 (US$ 140). Premium Ticket = R$ 600 (US$ 300) 08 and 10.10 RJ: Premium Ticket = R$ 700 (US$ 350). Standard Ticket = I don't remember the value.
  11. I forgot to say... KIIS 102.7 FM (Los Angeles, CA) Radio Version Notes: - Bleed It Out censored - One Step Closer had a glitch in the beginning of song
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