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  1. i think the chat rooms been turned off for now just tried accessing on both chrome and edge got page not found
  2. ive got the flannel and the kintsugi long sleeve
  3. My Favorites are 1 Jonathan Davis on OSC - did justice to the song 2 Jeremy mckinnon on APFMH - Killed It 3 Gavin rossdale - Had the right voice for Leave Out All the rest 4 Ryan Key -Did a good performance of SOTD (loved the with or without you addition) Disliked (had more difficulty deciding what i really didnt like more than i realized) 1 Alanis -both songs she did 2 Jon green on battle symphony- I felt he couldnt sing the bridge that well (trying really hard not to compare to chester here) thats all i could think of
  4. yes but i was considering how long it has been between shows here
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