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  1. Haha oh my god! i just put the link from one of my jobs to my work, sorry guys! Correct link fixed on the main post. hope you guys enjoy it!
  2. It's been so long, lplive! i think since chester's passing away i didnt post anything here. So, i want to share something special with u guys 😃 This is the webstream ~ tv special from the Madrid 2003 gig, it contains some live snippets and Brad speaking spanish. DL: https://www.sendspace.com/file/2jq4pm I hope you guys enjoy it!
  3. Hybrid Theory Era - Docklands Arena Meteora - São Paulo 2004 Minutes to Midnight - Rock Am Ring 2007 A Thousand Suns - Transformers Premiere at Red square Living Things - Rio de janeiro first night The Hunting Party - meh, i dont remember any so good One More Light - Lima
  4. the tracks are so good!! Cant pick now what's my favorite one between Over Again and Crossing a Line. well done, Mike, you are brilliant!
  5. im so happy!! it will be probably one of the most emotional performances to him, get back on the stage again for the first time since the bowl's concert.
  6. I'm so happy to see that Mike is getting better and better, his legacy doesnt deserve to end too soon. Cant wait to see more news like that. <3
  7. I dont think so. Some other bands played there with full capacity like Coldplay.
  8. Do you have any idea why the band isnt allowing more than 26k? The gig in Peru will be the most amazing show in South America since São Paulo 2004. im sure about this.
  9. We are waiting Jeff Blue send the answers, it will happen soon dude. ^^
  10. Ok! if he reply my message, i'll send the lplive link to him.
  11. I did Mark, im waiting for his answer! If he does agree in share it with me, i'll release it via lpbr. ^^
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