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  1. Another rare video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LeYb86saP3k- One Step Closer http://lplive.net/shows/db/2000andearlier/20001206 thx Wes Hayden
  2. Great show, great support of the fans! Again the dance of Chester during the drum solo!
  3. Love all THP album ... realy all !!!! Keys To The Kingdom - one of the best song from LP. Chester thank you! 2:25 min is awesome sample!!!
  4. very cool guys! thank you lplive.
  5. Thank you linkin park! UIG great song! with nice sound and awesome lyrics! Just wait HP album O-o!!!
  6. UIG will be awesome! Can't wait ...
  7. genius. great cover. great track name.
  8. This word is not exactly Line. On the frame it is much longer!!
  9. Great sound !!! guys like always on top, surprised. Amazing voice Chester. Waited for Mike in the end ... very sorry. In any case, track 5+.
  10. means tomorrow will be something interesting
  11. guys that there is a triangle on the official website of hiding behind the clouds?
  12. waiting two shows in Russia MOSCOW 02.06.14
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