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  1. It wasn’t an email but a code who I redeemed on a website, no that code isn’t active anymore edit: just found the email, thanks
  2. "Your code for the digital download link that is included in the Super Deluxe Box Set has now also been updated with corrected versions of “Hurry” and “Chair” from the LPU Rarities disc" so what i need to do to be able do re-download to updated one?
  3. No Delete got some serious Jornada del Muerto vibezzzz
  4. Oh I thought the next status after the payment should have been like "Confirmed/Payed" or something like that
  5. I bought the super deluxe on the official site day 1. I downloaded "She Couldn't" but the order status is still "Processing". Do you know why? I'm kinda worried about it.
  6. Is there any makin' of documentary, videos or stuff like that for "Out of Ashes"? I knew that some LPTV back in the day were about it but I can't find them anymore on the official LP channel
  7. They have a lot of gold in the vault
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