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  1. In video of B12 there's no Mace and line from TV report that he got in motorcycle crash at 2:34
  2. At 2:46 we see, that The Catalyst working title was Under Bite. It took 10 years to look there.
  3. Actually, NZ is first when you talk about Tidal, as I remember. But Kiribati has 1 hour advantage at New Zeland, and I don't remember which service is allowed there - Deezer or something else.
  4. Nobody mentioned that acapella has vocals from optional vocal take of LPU 11 (at 3:05)
  5. Actually at that list mentioned Hybrid Theory (Album Acapellas) too https://soundcloud.com/xpeehdroox2/linkin-park-hybrid-theory-studio-acapellas
  6. MMM... Cookies 2 from Good Mythical Morning. Chester's performance was great
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