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  1. Syndrome is remastered (?) and shortended piano version from No Sun Today
  2. In video of B12 there's no Mace and line from TV report that he got in motorcycle crash at 2:34
  3. At 2:46 we see, that The Catalyst working title was Under Bite. It took 10 years to look there.
  4. Actually, NZ is first when you talk about Tidal, as I remember. But Kiribati has 1 hour advantage at New Zeland, and I don't remember which service is allowed there - Deezer or something else.
  5. Nobody mentioned that Robot Boy acapella has vocals from optional vocal take of LPU 11 (at 3:05)
  6. Actually at that list mentioned Hybrid Theory (Album Acapellas) too https://soundcloud.com/xpeehdroox2/linkin-park-hybrid-theory-studio-acapellas
  7. MMM... Cookies 2 from Good Mythical Morning. Chester's performance was great
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