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    I am a Linkin Park fan and law student who loves music, video games, soccer and C. R. Flamengo.
  1. Is the Ticket Master website working for everyone? I cant buy my tickets.
  2. Lucky guy! I almost had the opportunity to go to Tampa and Orlando for these concerts. I will arrive 4 weeks later in Florida! Now I have to take an extra flight to Silver Spring.
  3. Hey guys! I will arrive in Orlando in November 11th and I'm planning to attend the concert in Silver Spring. The best way to get there is flying to Ronald Reagan Airport in Wahsington? Does anybody know? Is Silver Spring close to Washington? Can I get to venue by Uber? Does anybody know the ticket prices for this show? I have to pay for LPU again!
  4. Don’t get me wrong, the orginal version is pretty good, one of my favorites from OML but Good Goodbye is the only song from the album with rap. We have two verses of rap in the whole album and 50% is from Mike and the other is from Pusha. We lost the opportunity to listen Mike rapping in this record.
  5. Its the only track on OML with rap verses and they invited Pusha T to do it. Mikes verse in this track is much better
  6. I'm so sorry everyone! He was a friend of everyone here somehow! It's impossible to forget you! Rest in peace, Chaz!
  7. The venue's capacity is 2.500 people. Maybe it will be a sold out concert. The venue is so small...
  8. At the end of the day, I was right. The concert was canceled.
  9. I will stay in US just for 10 days and I have some things schealeaded. The only day that I could take off is August 4th. I planned this travel before the official announcement of the tour, I couldn't wait. I was expecting to attend the concert in Tampa but I will come back 1 week earlier. I will see what I can do...
  10. Does anyone know if they will play a full set in this concert or not? I will be in Orlando and I'm planing to take a flight to NYC just to attend this concert. I don't know if it will worth just for 4 or 5 song on the set.
  11. Glad to see that my tickets from Argentina and Brazil on the live guide!
  12. Don't get me wrong, I'm not worry about the tour. I will not even attend the concert. I'm just concerned about the fans and the band. All love to Manchester! Yeah, I think you're right! but will Metallica play at the Manchester Arena?
  13. Yesterday we had a terrorist attack at the Machester Arena during Ariana Grande's perfomance. LP has an scheduled date for this venue on September, 7th. Does anybody know if they will still be playing there or the venue is closed due police investigations?
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