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  1. In one of those videos I can recognize Billie Eillish's Bad Guy
  2. I know the guy that was on stage! He's a friend of mine from Barcelona (Spain). He met Mike back in Sweden during the European tour before the show hahahah so lucky.
  3. Well, they started to use Morgan as backup-everything since 2006 when Chris broke his ankle and they needed a stand-in bassist for a couple of shows, then he stayed as a support musician. But before then, songs like Sunburn or New Born were being played with backing tracks or just the instruments onstage (for example a live version of Sunburn on guitar).
  4. I think we have the first member of the touring band: Dan Mayo (https://www.youtube.com/user/DanMayoDrummer) This drummer has posted on his Facebook that he will be joining Mike on the new tour.
  5. I remember Mike once said that they don't play Skin to bone or I'll be gone (i'm not sure about this one) because they would need a couple of Mikes to be able to play those songs. With Jon Green they would had the chance to do it.
  6. LPSpain has posted one at their website :S
  7. In this inverview M.Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold talks about Chester and the Tribute show. Probably they [shadows and Synyster] were first asked about playing One Step Closer and then Mike changed it 'cause Jonathan Davies will sing that song... https://www.revolvermag.com/music/m-shadows-bennington-benefit-show-intimidating-covers-whats-missing-music
  8. Confirmed Jonathan Davies (Korn) and Daron, Shavo and John (System Of A Down).
  9. Machine Gun Kelly also confirmed: https://twitter.com/machinegunkelly/status/910919900784291841 And Oliver Sykes (BMTH): https://twitter.com/olobersyko/status/910920100211027968
  10. They've tweeted it: https://twitter.com/blink182/status/910911519004573696
  11. Tim McIlrath from Rise Against is playing that day in Sweden so he won't be there.
  12. Johnny Santos is with is metalcore project Silent Civilian, so i don't think it will fit more than Vext on LP)
  13. I'd love to see Dan singing with LP (two of my fav bands together) but SOTY are very underground and they are finishing a new album right now. And Dan is more oriented to punk, his other band, The F*ck off and dies is a standard punk band.
  14. I've mailed 2-day and 3-day tickets for Download Madrid as well as my wristband. I'll ask a friend who bought a ticket for the LP day to send me a pic of her ticket or send it to you.
  15. People shouting things to the band were very annoying during the whole show, even when they were playing, so I couldn't hear what Mike was singing/rapping. Maybe in the far back or the 1st row everything was more clear. I was at 5th-6th row (maybe 2 metres behind the guy who recorded the video and a bit to the left, i had that EMP glove close to me), but i was very tired 'cause i was singing and shouting with 5FDP and had no energy left for LP
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