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  1. RickLPL

    The Post-Post Traumatic era

    Personally I'd rather see LP returning than Mike doing another solo album. Though I don't think it'll happen this year yet
  2. So it may be a bit too early to talk about this, but I'm just curious about what's next. Mike's said that his current European Tour will be the last for the Post Traumaic era. What do you think he's up to after this? Another solo album or the return of LP? An entirely different project?
  3. RickLPL

    We Are Back!

    Welcome back everyone!
  4. RickLPL

    Can't reply in the Newswire

    Same for me
  5. RickLPL

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    No concrete thoughts here, just looking at the facts and trying to make sense of it. Last week's uproar just got me questioning things
  6. RickLPL

    Review: Mike Shinoda's New PT Vinyl Tracks

    I've been taking a closer look at the band and the entire situation and came across these as well. Some strange things going on here. Can we state that LP would have been free from their Warner contract after OML? Very coincidental that Chester was already working on solo stuff. I also remember Mike talking about maybe going solo after OML before that album came out. Which of course, he did!
  7. RickLPL

    Can't Hear You Now - Official Music Video

    He seems really angry at points but also really happy
  8. RickLPL

    Quick question? Ask here!

    Susan Eubanks, Chester's mother
  9. RickLPL

    Quick question? Ask here!

    The thing that bothers me about this discussion is that we pretend that we really know what their relationships were like, off-screen! We know almost nothing about that, as the band members have always been quiet about their personal lives. We now already have three individual (former) family members of Chester claiming that there is (and was) more going on behind the scenes than we know. Honestly, Tobi's tweets seemed honest and caring to me. She didn't call anyone out or wanted to fight. She just wanted to tell the truth.
  10. RickLPL

    2019 Post Traumatic European Tour Announced

    See you there! I feel really sorry for non-European and US countries lol
  11. RickLPL

    Mark Morton & Chester Bennington Song Update

    I agree. I have a feeling that Warner doesn't want anything Chester-related to be put out
  12. RickLPL

    Waiting For Tomorrow Releasing October 19

    This ended up being a pretty nice song! Though I agree they should've kept the demo lyrics
  13. RickLPL

    2018.10.15 - Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

    Congrats Dylan!! That's freaking amazing
  14. RickLPL

    That time when I played with Mike Shinoda

    Even reading this makes me excited, can't imagine what's it's like to be invited to play with your favorite musician like this. I'm really happy for you man! Perhaps this will be the start of a new career!
  15. RickLPL

    It's Our Birthday!

    Happy belated birthday!! LPLive has been my number 1 source of LP related info for over 5 years I think. Thanks for doing what you do!! Here's to many more years to come