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  1. That's a cool idea! Also, this is an amazing piece. Thanks for sharing!
  2. No problem. Thanks for sharing this btw @LPLStaff
  3. Here: http://cdn48.castfire.com/audio/311/5230/31053/3639275/3639275_2019-05-14-005515-4057-0-4-7.96.mp3?cdn_id=48&uuid=a171bf025057b949e274c6e033277122&referer=https%3A%2F%2Fpodcasts.apple.com%2Fus%2Fpodcast%2Flife-after-suicide%2Fid1460022071&wuuid=5ce56131a009d9252f6c409adc10c4cf6fb074b086f3b144
  4. I only heard Mike as well. If Chester is on there his vocals must've been mixed pretty low
  5. Wow this is unexpected and awesome
  6. RickLPL

    We Are Back!

    Welcome back everyone!
  7. No concrete thoughts here, just looking at the facts and trying to make sense of it. Last week's uproar just got me questioning things
  8. I've been taking a closer look at the band and the entire situation and came across these as well. Some strange things going on here. Can we state that LP would have been free from their Warner contract after OML? Very coincidental that Chester was already working on solo stuff. I also remember Mike talking about maybe going solo after OML before that album came out. Which of course, he did!
  9. He seems really angry at points but also really happy
  10. See you there! I feel really sorry for non-European and US countries lol
  11. I agree. I have a feeling that Warner doesn't want anything Chester-related to be put out
  12. This ended up being a pretty nice song! Though I agree they should've kept the demo lyrics
  13. Congrats Dylan!! That's freaking amazing
  14. Even reading this makes me excited, can't imagine what's it's like to be invited to play with your favorite musician like this. I'm really happy for you man! Perhaps this will be the start of a new career!
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