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  1. What's up with that vinyl title? Some joke record?
  2. I joked with Peppe about this, he's becoming Mike's personal assistant 🤣
  3. Thanks so much for this! The quality is simply fantastic
  4. You are the ultimate detective, epic work man
  5. Stalker mode active 🧐. Just kidding, good job on the research!
  6. You're right, but since battle symphony and nobody can save me were being rotated, there were only 7 OML songs in the set per show. Other than that, it was indeed an impressive setlist
  7. I remember the OML setlist surprised me so much in the sense that they dropped some of the older stuff in favor of more new stuff. Like 7 OML songs, new version (and best in my opinion) of Leave Out All the Rest, The Catalyst, Lost In the Echo. Only thing that bugged me was that Wastelands was all that remained of THP. Anyway, it was a well balanced set!
  8. I think if they want to keep their fans engaged and keep the community alive they really have to put more effort into the new bundles. Just a few merch pieces won't do it any more, at least not for me. I've been active on LPU regardless, since there's a small community of regular members that keep the place alive a bit. But I can tell that the amount of activity has been decreasing drastically over the last few years. It just seems they're neglecting the community as a whole by putting out these generic merch bundles (without any special items like music).
  9. Is it Christmas already? Thank you random people of the internet!
  10. No problem. Thanks for sharing this btw @LPLStaff
  11. Here: http://cdn48.castfire.com/audio/311/5230/31053/3639275/3639275_2019-05-14-005515-4057-0-4-7.96.mp3?cdn_id=48&uuid=a171bf025057b949e274c6e033277122&referer=https%3A%2F%2Fpodcasts.apple.com%2Fus%2Fpodcast%2Flife-after-suicide%2Fid1460022071&wuuid=5ce56131a009d9252f6c409adc10c4cf6fb074b086f3b144
  12. I think it's the one from With You that reminded me of this sound. Listening again however, I don't think it's the exact same sound
  13. I only heard Mike as well. If Chester is on there his vocals must've been mixed pretty low
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