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  1. I am not blaming anybody as well. It makes sense after 2017. But i thought you joke was legit 🤣
  2. Lmfaoooo me. Aint nobody telling me what can I collect. Imagine you husband not wanting you to go to the concert 😂😂😂 not my vibe for sure.
  3. This High Voltage performance was epic. I wish we had By Myself. I hate when only half of the performance is broadcasted like whats the point.
  4. And what has marriage to being a collector? His wifey doesnt like LP 😂?
  5. I didnt have any time to give it a listen 😓 i hope to have fun with it next week though and will give you my feedback.
  6. I dunno a lot of fans Here were claiming they hear Joe here out of nowhere lol
  7. I am sure your picks are super fine especially with your comments
  8. I kinda can imagine your setlista in reality
  9. Proud to this day NoBrain is from my country 🙏🏻 Thanks for the cool find!
  10. Mike has confirmed on his twitter he is the only one singing on Fine so no Joe collab on this one.
  11. I tried to imagine him singing it live 😂
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