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  1. you didnt like 100% of the album but I liked that your posts stayed classy and you have points out valid things that didnt work out. ok now lets get back to GD.
  2. These comments are far way less negative than the OML album thread which i happened to read few days ago. People were literally posting shit gifs so.... and Here so far nobody has said the song is the pits. Everybody is just complaining that something is off with the production with this particular song. We cant say nothing more now because the full album hasnt been released yet. Also I like GD so i really want to hear the new remastered versions. Whats in the eye was never my fave because i find it to be too repetetive.
  3. Neither do i need a replacement. I will not mind if they will have some backing vocals maybe just for tour. Matt would be ok for me. But Def i dont want any new main vocalist. That would hurt me somehow.
  4. I only remember that Mike once has said they are not looking for a new vocalist to replace him but i think he meant at that moment not in general.
  5. For now we dont have any recordings of these unfortunately
  6. Cant think of any earlier one.
  7. This mash up looks fake af i have to agree. When was the first time Mike came up with a mash up live?
  8. I would love to see an old school show like this. Probably recorded with a fridge lol.
  9. I understand its always annoying to have songs cut instead of hearing them in full but with each album they are having more and more singles to play as well as other songs so they are doing what they can to play as many songs as fans would like to hear. LP is not the only performer who is doing medleys/ cutting songs.
  10. Oh yes this is what you have meant, you’re correct.
  11. I havent noticed linkipedia has lyrics as well and few days ago i was about to ask for the good source with lyrics. How dumb am i.
  12. I kinda know what you mean. Mike is the brain of LP but i still think after first album no one would care because they wouldnt pull MTM Level of epicness with Mark average vocals. Also even Numb would be a non event. Also hunger is what makes you successful not only a talent.
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