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  1. Exactly. It has potential but sounds like a snoozefest literally.
  2. A controversy over a lq version of steve Aoki song featuring Mike 🤡 i am still waiting for a hq version to judge it but tbh i am not a fan of that kind of music so i will probably listen to it once and forget about it, we will see. I literally dont listen to the other collabs with steve as well. Maybe i would more if they were on their actual albums i dont know. DTB is boring. ALTNC is ok but i never listen to the recharged so i the only time when i listen to this song is when i listen to concerts from 2014 lol
  3. Was CC cringeworthy in your opinion? Or are you talking about live tour mashups later on?
  4. Wow i didnt know this is OML album thread (the same about of shit posts)
  5. ^ this setlist could actually work + some songs from new album obviously.
  6. I try to understand how is PT pop to anyone lol. Some songs maybe. But it is very unique, almost underground, very Mike i’d say.
  7. I think anybody can say he doesnt like certain song and album but its always good to say WHY you think something is shit. Also saying something is shit about every single song doesnt make sense to me at all. When i think someone’s music went downhill for me i dont visit their forums just to say they are shit now. It is not directly to you cause i dont know you but in general.
  8. Thanks for doing that! It’s not the best song i have Heard in my life but it is not bad either. I was not having high hopes for it anyway since its Steve’s song not Mike’s. I prefer ALTNC but this one is better than DTB imo. Still will give my final opinion when we get the HQ version.
  9. I really cant wait to hear it in HQ. Too bad they are releasing it in a week.
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