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  1. Seems like it was casuals voting and only for the singles lol
  2. Yeah i remember well Lestat was the guy that was posting Here unreleased GD stuff thats why i was like why is Sean telling him to fuck off lol.
  3. Why did he say Lestat though when he’s a totally different user releasing GD stuff here
  4. Yes my quote was for purpose haha IT NEVER EEEENDS
  5. i do hope though that once this release passes we will get news about new LP / Mike music so the activity level might stay the same actually which will be great.
  6. SCREAMING. Do they want stans to keep it in a glass box in their rooms or what
  7. I saw that today what the hell is a museum quality paper like .... 🤡🤡🤡🤡 Btw i saw them two times as well.
  8. HT and Meteora are one of the best selling albums in the history by any artist so for sure they will do the most for them. But after MTM i dont think so. I mean yeah maybe we will get some unreleased demos whatsoever but casuals will not care that much to get it.
  9. My first HT copy back then was a cassette 🤣🤣
  10. I chose to take it away myself at the store. It’s like 500m from my house lol. Cant wait.
  11. I have bought mine on german Amazon so i hope i am safe 🤡
  12. So that the hardcore collectors could buy two bundles and spend more money lol
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