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  1. Former Linkin Park singer my ass ...
  2. right. Clickbaits articles about Friendly Fire were going on for like two weeks or even more. also i hate so much how the press is blowing up the fact that there are still some unreleased demos/songs with Chester’s vocals on it. Well there is like a ton of that and its not a suprise at all. They have been recording for like 20 years and have released many albums. Its obvious there are many Chester’s vocals we havent Heard.
  3. Damn the first question and answer ...
  4. These answers make me think LP will never come back somehow. Its still to hard for him. Damn it hit me to read what he has said, so sad. Honestly they should stop with these questions about Chester.
  5. I just saw it on youtube one hour ago, got little emotional
  6. I have never thought like this but this is kinda true.
  7. Its already on Apple Music, but you can only listen to the three songs that leaked on Friday. i can barely hear it. Is it towards the end?
  8. Yes this is what i mean 😂😂😂😂😂
  9. I thought its not anything new ATS was game related in the beginning?
  10. Fortunately Mike didnt let her scream in the song 🤡🤡🤡
  11. I thought its more like EP not new solo album. Some casuals might have a meltdown when they listen to it and have no idea what Mike was doing for past 3 months and it was just for fun.
  12. Lmao on the poster it says Grey Days. Was it common to spell their name like that as well?
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