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  1. 1/ Robot Boy. I never got that song. Oh and Sorry for now. Its on the same level for me 2/ EDM stuff… not for me
  2. The Mike and Rob part was new or from some other interview?
  3. Well it was wierd that Xero had all that and barely played any shows. Pretty unusual tbh.
  4. great interview, TJ seems like a cool dude, interesting story. thanks for sharing this!
  5. I personally believe that they will find a new bandmember. They will not continue as a five piece band. Mike always wanted LP to have two vocalists. I will support their decision no matter what it is tbh. It is their band afterall.
  6. I dont know, he might just be honest and does not remember. I do not even remember my own demo songs I wrote like a year ago. I think you cant blame the guy for not remembering a song written in 2002. He writes a milion songs per year, you gotta forget some of it.
  7. Yeah, but I'd be surprised if that's ever released.
  8. Yeah the title confused me tbh
  9. I just found a song "FUCKIN OR WHAT?" in the BMI catalogue. The whole band + Mark is credited as writers and performers are LP and Xero. Any idea about that song?
  10. Good, I was afraid that it was Hole. I like that song a lot
  11. This is so cool! Can't wait to hear more of this!
  12. Why is this even a thing? Damn... what are you even doing Mike?
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