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  1. Give me a day or so and I will get this into the Newswire and I'll cross post it to social media for you.
  2. Back in the middle of summer 2001, Linkin Park was rocking on Ozzfest where they had a 30 minute set in the middle of the day playing to a bunch of metal heads. About halfway through that tour, LP stopped in Cleveland, Ohio to perform at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's summer concert series. The crowd was really rowdy... right in the middle of the main building (surprising spot to put the show, honestly)... and LP even included a deep cut of 'High Voltage' in the set for the show. A twenty minute special of this performance was aired later that month (August 2001), a recording you are likely very familiar with. However, only a few songs were included. 'With You', 'High Voltage', 'Crawling', 'In The End', 'Forgotten', and 'One Step Closer' were the only songs broadcasted along with a few clips of an interview with the band. In the background of the interview, you can hear parts of other songs, so we knew all this time that more songs had been performed. We just had no idea what the actual set was. It isn't every day that a setlist from over 18 years ago surfaces. Thanks to the hard work by our friend Felipeintheend, he contacted the RaRHoF and got the full setlist for the show for us! August 1, 2001 Cleveland, Ohio Rock and Roll Hall of Fame RaRHoF 2001 Summer Concert Series Setlist: 01. With You 02. Runaway 03. Papercut 04. Points Of Authority 05. By Myself 06. High Voltage (Remix) 07. Crawling 08. Pushing Me Away 09. In The End 10. A Place For My Head 11. Forgotten ------------------------------------------- 12. One Step Closer Thank you to Felipe and to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for helping us add yet another piece of Linkin Park's live history to the LPLive archives!
  3. Somehow I don't think that I have ever seen this. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Very weird to me that people thought Joe was on it. Is it because of the studio pics from Mike and Joe? That is very, very likely to be LP related while they work on new music.
  5. Because literally nothing is happening at all right now. Mike produced a song. It's all we've got. May not have any news for months.
  6. Yeah you can tell his additions on the end of the song are missing.
  7. The Best Buy/Circuit City What I've Done are different. Here is what I have: Audio: AOL Sessions: What I've Done No More Sorrow MISSING: Given Up (Where was it released?) [Minutes To Midnight Best Buy MVI Disc? If so, I for some reason don't have Given Up] Wal-Mart: What I've Done Breaking the Habit Third Encore: No More Sorrow Given Up (Censored) MISSING: What I've Done (Where was it released? Germany iTunes and Google Store? If so, I don't have this) Circuit City: Faint What I've Done Need audio rips from the video for: (If someone just wanted to post straight audio rips for these so I can sort them into folders, since I have never ripped them) Best Buy: What I've Done Stripped: All 5 songs Wal-Mart: All 5 songs AT&T Blue Room: What I've Done AOL Sessions: All 6 songs
  8. Thank you! Great to hear from you. Where is Narc at these days? I used to have him on Facebook, I guess I can readd him and send him a message. He surely has the files somewhere. It's been ages but I bet he has them sitting around somewhere.
  9. Are our MTM Rehearsals wrong/messed up in any way martinez? Do I need to edit/change anything? This is such a mess with the versions that I want to do like a very rare "rule override" here just in this case and allow all of these bonus tracks to be posted by you all, so we can get to the bottom of what exactly we all have, what it is labeled as, and what is RIGHT. For the sake of the band's/site's archives, we need to be correct on this stuff. Post away, but let's actually solve this. I can also contribute what all I have accumulated from it. The label isn't going to kill us for uploading live bonus tracks from 12 years ago if we are just trying to get it all straight. It isn't like we are posting One More Light in lossless for download. This thread is buried deep enough in the site that it's alright this time. Do what you need to do, it's alright, if anyone says anything to us I will handle it cordially. I know martinez, Gabe, and Geki will likely have 99.9%, if not 100% of all of this. We need to compare what we have. I'll work on uploading my stuff. I know Geki and Astat likely have the exact files from 2007 that I have buried somewhere since we were all incredibly active back then.
  10. The entire basis of posting the thread was because he couldn't share the promo due to the agreement in how he got it in the first place. That's totally understood and respected by us. Thanks to michalangelo for taking the time to go through this CD so thoroughly for us, so we can at least document what exactly is on it. It's much appreciated!
  11. Setlist updated to remove Robot Boy, which was not played.
  12. I knew I was being threatened. Do you think it's worth holding out? I mean I've heard some pretty ugly things about those guys. Ugly stories. WATCH THEM FLEE. Lmao. I like that version a lot. Didn't hear the album version until MUCH later as well, same as you. Like 2008. I had this demo one since like 2004.
  13. After relistening to the versions I have of the song, I like the demo from PushMeAway's website the most. The one without the "put it out for the world to see". Man Jose, there are a lot of versions of this. You SERIOUSLY only need: album version, the demo from PMA, and the promo (all the promo is is the album version without the guitar feedback intro). http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=It's_Goin'_Down
  14. Sounds similar to what happened with Waiting For Tomorrow. The end result says featuring Mike Shinoda, when the rest of the band worked on it (as seen in the LP "making of" video for the song). The live one Garrix played in 2016 (version 1 of the 3 versions of the song) has Chester on vocals as well.
  15. Couldn't agree more. Best post I've seen in a while. Really looking forward to it.
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