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  1. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/life-after-suicide/id1460022071
  2. I disagree but I will explain why. LPLive, in the past, has taken a stance of being very... "pro-leak". We leaked a lot of stuff ourselves, a substantial amount of that being studio demos and professionally recorded stuff. The band and label looked the other way on most of that stuff until Chester passed. The conversations I had with them after I posted the Chester Dead By Sunrise demos indicated that their position has changed, RIGHTFULLY so since Chester is no longer here and the "vault" of stuff is now limited with no future additions by Chester being possible. They have been nothing but courteous to us in the past when we posted things like the Reanimation demos, etc. Mike wasn't against us sharing Xero demos, stuff like that. WBR knows this song leaked. The band knows this song leaked. If they wanted to make a statement on it, they would. They are in an extremely vulnerable situation right now. Mike's world tour is over, there is complete silence from LP, etc. They are obviously trying to figure out if they can go on as a group, and if so, how. And on top of all of those difficult discussions, now a full song from the OML era leaks out of nowhere meaning they probably are unsure of how it even happened. So what else is compromised? Imagine being in the band and that happens. If Mike wanted us to have it, share it, and talk all about it, he'd have addressed it like he has addressed leaks before. Warner is going to bat 110% for LP right now because of those reasons. Sure, they can look the other way on stuff, but that's a dick move to leak a full Linkin Park song when the band is in such a terrible spot. I don't blame them at all for going after the song. They obviously don't want to promote the song as it has no business being out there. If it was intended to be released, it would be released. Their first "promoted release" after OML Live isn't going to be some early OML demo. This typically wouldn't be a big deal. Mike would probably be like "lol, you guys found something cool", but it's all about the timing, it's all about this happening so soon (in real terms for the band) after Chester's passing, and it happening by someone not affiliated with the band. For those reasons, I'm on their side on this one.
  3. I feel like Geki and I could really nominate some awesome performances from DSPs. Let me think about it.
  4. Check the Reverb gear auction archive for the ones that sold that he used.
  5. Request it in the video forum for now. We will try to do this project next but it will take a long time due to how many video recordings there are. LMAO
  6. Two setlists for the Living Things World Tour, with Roads Untraveled, Powerless, I'll Be Gone, Castle Of Glass, and Until It Breaks. Plus you get normal staples like Burn It Down, Victimized, and Lost In The Echo, as well as In My Remains. That's what the album deserved live. Both have enough rarities to entice you to see multiple shows. My goal was to just include as many Living Things songs as possible (minus Lies Greed Misery) but with all of the normal songs they were playing on the world tour at the time. Lost In The Echo Faint Papercut Given Up In My Remains Points Of Authority When They Come For Me Somewhere I Belong What I've Done Waiting For The End Breaking The Habit Castle Of Glass The Catalyst Burn It Down Numb I'll Be Gone In The End One Step Closer ------------ New Divide Tinfoil Powerless Bleed It Out A Place For My Head Papercut With You Victimized Points Of Authority Lying From You Lost In The Echo New Divide Castle Of Glass Numb What I've Done Roads Untraveled Waiting For The End Breaking The Habit Burn It Down The Catalyst Until It Breaks Crawling Bleed It Out --------- One Step Closer In The End Faint
  7. Chester said something on Twitter last year about Until It's Gone being some sort of political move the band had to do, like WBR maybe wanted it on the album or something. Or maybe that is why they felt like they had to play it live. Who knows.
  8. I think that's exactly what will happen here in the next year or two. A new album, plenty of old songs in the show but new songs as well which will be helpful for Mike vocally, and a release of LFAA. They are very smart with marketing and commercial success, they know they can write 1-2 solid singles for the comeback and the band will be just fine when they roll out on the world tour.
  9. I don't know if OML is worse than THP. Really hard to decide on that. I like OML a lot more now than when it first came out.
  10. Maybe THP would have been a better album if LP had gone with the style of Final Masquerade and wrote semi-heavy songs, but not the super heavy attempts at rock. I really like Final Masq a lot.
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