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  1. Love love LOVE the voice Chester uses on that cover. Seems to fit him to the ground that song.
  2. Woaaaah that Blackout video is amazing. wow
  3. Yeah, i was just wondering about the Birmingham setlist as well. Cos the other setlists i've seen from this tour don't actually have any annotation on them at all.. does anyone know about when before the show the band write on it? Because next to BIO it says 'swimming in the smoke'..and we all know that's not what ended up being played
  4. Been watching quite a few of your videos from the show, thanks for putting them up ! Christopher has an LPU account, i just replied to a thread he posted on the LPU. He was asking for any pictures and videos from the show
  5. That got us all a bit excited didn't it! I got a 'joke' text from a friend saying NRL had been played after OSC which i actually believed momentarily... see what the hype does! Nice that they switched the set up a bit and FTI got an outing again, OSC as a closer is obviously epic. Though have to say i really like The Radiance live even if it's not classed as a full track or whatever.
  6. Fucking epic show. Chester pointing at me while i was rapping Reading My Eyes with Mike and going mental for it has got to be one of my highlights of my three shows! Absolutely insane. Screaming Place For My Head throughout hoping it would persuade them to play it in full but they still played it in Bleed It Out so it's all good. Double whammy ;D and yes best Bleed It Out EVER Met up with Arravind and Rob Wilson accidentally so that was nice Proper buzzing from the show still, they made a load of mistakes and Chester had to get the crowd to sing half of Leave Out All the Rest cos he was having problems . So many memorable moments from the show. Hope they leave them on the DSP cos it gives the show so much more personality!
  7. Third and final show of the tour for me . Not too bothered which set they end up playing cos i saw them at Manchester and Newcastle, but i really do love the Messenger live. We'll see what happens! If they threw the full version of Place For My Head in again it would be awesome but seems doubtful just for the Birmingham show! Excited to hear what happens at the Summit and the two London dates for the people that can go. Hope everyone enjoys the show tonight (especially Aravind as you've been waiting for so long!). See everyone at the Music for Relief booth
  8. I've seen Linkin Park and Muse live. Muse are technically brilliant but there's something about Linkin Park, that even though they make mistakes and Chester isn't always on it, they'll always be the best live band for me! MTV awards don't mean anything to me but it's always nice for LP to get a little recognition
  9. Just got back from the show, had a M&G! All the guys were really chilled and lovely, short but sweet. Really liking this format of Meet and Greet actually, there were only a small number of LPUers so it was pretty intimate. Mike chatted to us for a bit after all the others had left! Can't believe i met them !!! Glad to hear Papercut and The Messenger at this show. During the BIO bridge i'm pretty I sure can safely describe it as a "Party Mix", similar to that at MK. Mike and Chester had a little competition Also, gave the guys an England flag at the M&G for the second night running (Melian got hers on at Manchester ;D). Had LPlive written on it Great show. Hope i can make another night in the UK this tour
  10. we can make all the comments on the show you want, but when you're actually there you couldn't really care! Loved loved loved the show, never seen the band so intense, energetic and happy to be playing to a crowd! Amazing show
  11. Woah guess the show is finally here seen as we've got a write up! So damn excited! Got a M&G for Newcastle, three friends have one for Manchester. Hopefully it'll be a great show! Everyone enjoy their Meet and Greets
  12. Like most people have said, we can't really judge at all 'til we hear the record. If i adore the album then i'll be all for them playing it in it's entirety! Honestly i'd rather them shake it up in this way than playing the same set list with a few new songs chucked in to freshen it up a bit. Most fans who've seen them a lot in the past fews years would feel similar i think. When Nine Inch Nails played the whole of The Downward Spiral i was gutted i didn't get the chance to see that. I don't know if ATS can live up to the standard of TDS, but if so i'll be more than pleased to see the whole of it live
  13. Persuading Northerners to go down South for a gig is sooo tiring haha
  14. Got to agree with that. Does a five day gap between Manchester and Birmingham make sense at all? I'm really hoping they add another Northern date, Sheffield would be awesome.
  15. Mike is saying a lot of different things... in that little video on MTV.com he said they basically 'finished' it for the game. But yeah, hopefully a chat will clear that up
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