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  1. I will spend this day with my girl, we'll go to cinema, i will go to gym on morning, it will be hard but we need to move on, and remember alcochol, won't help you, it will worst the thing, so don;t drink get from home with friends
  2. Curious if they will debut No Roads Left, can't wait for that show, i will watch it live but i have to not sleep at night because for me its 4.45am.
  3. OH man, this is something that i can't belive, and is so sad for me, right now writing it i have tears in my eyes, my idol, the man i loved linkin park by that, listening som many years 13. Ehh don;t know what to say, still love LP, love you guys see ya i cant write anything right now more
  4. venom12

    2017 Tickets

    I have Impact Festival ticket but it is from ticketmaster, don't know if you want it, if yes just say,
  5. Hope impact will get full setlist.
  6. I cant really read anything there XD, BTW would better see ALITS than KTTK
  7. By myself sound fucking great, it should be on the set whole time
  8. This stream is paid, but i think it is not true. We need to search other one. Or there wont be anyone, and it is just to get money from you.
  9. Chester really sounds greatt Also set is really good.
  10. Thank you guys for the show it is so amazing
  11. It will be sad if we dontget any DSP from olders or new ones when they play something new
  12. For most of the peoples not. For me i would like to hear some old songs from every album which wasnt played for long time like from HT(PMA, By Myself). From Meteora (Figure0.9 and HTF and ETR) From M2M TLTGYA and valentines day and in pieces, from ats W&K, BITS and from new album i would like to hear the song which wasnt played yet so it is not like we want only HT and Meteora songs.
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