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  1. What exactly is that a comment in regards to? Did you see somewhere that he is mixing stuff? He very well could mix something for it. However what is more likely is that he edits the demos to how he likes them and how he wants them presented/released. Plenty of LPU demos are edited by Mike before release. Just how it goes.
  2. No chance Mike mentions LP is making music on these streams. Have you seen the rock press after what Phoenix said? Mike is going to keep quiet and deny stuff until it happens. He literally hates the press taking something he says and running with it like they did with Friendly Fire.
  3. I wonder why the LP YouTube was created in 2006 and In the End wasn't uploaded until 2009. It could have reached 1 billion years ago.
  4. They said a few times that they kept a few of their best tracks held back from Amends in order to put them on the second album. They are going to for sure do a second one but they mentioned they have enough for a third album. This pop-style remix of Hole I thought was pretty good/cool, so maybe that will be on their second album. One advantage they have in remixing these songs is Chester's voice works with a LOT of different genres of music and he has sung in so many genres over time that no genre/style they try for a remix will come as a surprise for fans. I mean, Chester sang Cross Off, Heavy, Pushing Me Away (Piano), We Made It, Slow Ya Roll, covered all the iconic rock songs, etc... he can do it all.
  5. Look at LP’s top 20 songs. I wouldn’t call it rare. What’s the % of their great songs vs not great songs? Surely it’s still a good percentage even with THP and OML existing. The first 4 albums have literally almost no bad songs, less than 5 total combined. And that + New Divide are going to more than make up for later album duds. Just my take on it. Unless you were talking about Mike solo. Then you’re right I guess but FM had some bangers. I agree that he’s saving his best stuff + his recent songs with vocals for the LP demos they’re doing.
  6. Yes. Adding it all to the wiki. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=El_Rey_Demonio http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Channeling_Pt._1_(feat._Dan_Mayo) etc
  7. The Live in Texas filming being two shows undoubtedly came from them wanting to film two in case the band messed something up, but also to get the best takes they could from the shows. I think the audio's end result is pretty great. Unfortunately for us, they started production on it right away after the shows as the release was only a few months later. So they had no idea, at that time that they were working on Live in Texas, that the Reading show would be that iconic and epic. I would like to see the Reading show one day for sure, or at least an audio release. These are a good 1-4, I like those. It's a shame it took 7+ years for us to figure out why the DSPs really got canceled - it was an insane amount of work on an already hard touring/travel schedule for the crew. I would have easily proposed one DSP a tour of just one show, or a "best of" of the tour.... we might still have the program going to this day if that had happened. They could have been transparent with us and we could have offered better ideas.
  8. This ended up being the last time Sharp Edges was played by Matt. And the only time he played it without Mike on piano. So I thought the video was worth preserving.
  9. Official release is this Friday according to renforshort and Mike on Twitter.
  10. Mike just cut the intro off of it, the song was done. Songs finished near their release would be like Pretend To Be and Not Alone.
  11. Yep that one. I forgot where it was, maybe Toronto? Surely it can be found, it's on YouTube somewhere.
  12. Great reply. There's a PT interview where the guy is totally rude to Mike and the LP team cuts the interview off, or tries to. He asked something about LP I think on the PT tour. Since at least Meteora they have a person on their tour whose job it is to handle all of the press stuff, so they sit in the room and will cut the person off if they ask insensitive/wrong/improper questions so the band members don't get trapped. The woman who has been doing it for LP and MS is really, really nice and good at this.
  13. This is the only project LP-related where I notice something awry in almost every single press piece about it. It's been that way all six months of 2020 so far. http://www.sidestagemagazine.com/dave-navarro-hosts-grey-daze-roundtable-with-members-of-korn-helmet-via-inked-magazine      / "The remaining band members – Dowdell, Mace Beyers (bass) and Cristin Davis (guitar)" Didn't Cristin JUST come into Grey Daze only for this project? Jason Barnes was the guitarist in the band when Chester passed away, and was the one doing this remix album. "Grey Daze is where he developed his skills, his styles, his technique." Ehhhhhh.....
  14. I think it came down to the band's vote of In Between vs NRL for some reason. Rick and Chester were the only ones who voted YES to every song on MTM. It still just doesn't make sense to me, but somehow along the way, the band voted NRL out.
  15. Whether you like OML or not, that's just an insane comment. How would it be disrespectful to Chester when he was the one defending the genre in the press to everyone?
  16. I wouldn't say it was a failure by LP when it was the label (WBR) that wouldn't put the adequate marketing and money into it to get these projects released. The talent was there, which means Mike and Brad did a great job with finding the artists.
  17. I agree especially since he did Rakim's verse for every GATS performance. And yeah he did Ryu's verse here.
  18. Isn't that literally exactly how Mike played Remember the Name live? He could do Believe Me and mash it up with something else. He also rapped Ryu's verse in 2015 on it, right?
  19. Open Door + CoronaJams release
  20. Last night they aired a 10+ minute interview with Brad and Mike about THP, Chester's broken ankle, etc. Let's see if they have anything today content-wise from LP.
  21. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=What_Are_You_Worth http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=List_Of_Unreleased_Songs#Ricochet Different song, same producer, has not leaked.
  22. Definitely more than 2 songs.
  23. Yeah, agreed now after a lot of perspective and opinions dropped in this thread, that it isn't Chester. I could see them releasing some OML stuff one day, like Friendly Fire. I would assume WAYW/Ricochet won't get released because now Mike (and undoubtedly the band's mgmt, and now Warner too) are most likely LIVID at Brian. Not only did he register these songs prematurely himself on BMI, he leaked WAYW and Mike over a year later is still pissed. So they may not ever release those two. They likely have MUCH better material from that era. Friendly Fire, Out Of Reach, Lost My Horizon, Tidal Wave etc are probably better/more complete. Friendly Fire and Tidal Wave are with Jon Green and he has two songs that are pretty good with LP already... Mike loves Friendly Fire... so I bet both of those unreleased ones are actually great tracks.
  24. Agreed. "Thoughts That Take Away My Pride" (which probably has a real name to it, but that's what we call it, from the Meteora era) is number one. Friendly Fire number 2. That is, if they release Pictureboard. We have no idea if they will even release it or not. But a full Meteora b-side with vocals is extremely rare, we have nothing like that from that era. WAYW/Ricochet were done so early in the OML process that they are essentially demos and not completed songs. They didn't progress very far. Friendly Fire and Out Of Reach are on the song board near the END of the album process so those are closer to being done. The band obviously voted to have 10 songs instead of 12... they picked the 10 best ones they felt they had. Mike said they even disagreed with him and didn't want Place to Start (under another name) to open the album before Nobody Can Save Me. I agree OML is too short but it's just what they wanted. Maybe they released a deluxe edition one day with more songs. He told a made up story. It wasn't real.
  25. Since it's 2020, is there a way that anyone knows of where I can pay $ to get a WOWOW stream here in the USA somehow? Or get it on my TV? Surely there's some possibility to do this. I'm looking forward to this stream because we don't have some of these songs that even already aired. I hope they show Castle of Glass, but if they show whatever has already aired, at least we will get an upgrade because we are 1) missing songs, and 2) in a spot where we don't have all of the stuff as one source.
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