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  1. This photo from Sean's collection was recently posted on Grey Daze's social media. It is the band performing in Rally Kap Sports Bar in 1994. It is confirmed by Jonathan Krause, the following ones were taken the same day in Rally Kap: 1) Obviously, it's not this show: http://lplive.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=11757 2) Obviously, it's not the show with Tripping With Grace, since the flyer for that show has a photo from this photoshoot. 3) Someone in the comments for that Facebook post recalled seeing the band opening for Pelvic Meatloaf in Rally Kap and asked if it was taken that night. So, either it is that show or there were more than 3 shows in this venue. ********************************** We should add the show from my previous message to the guide as 1997.xx.xx Tempe, AZ, Electric Ballroom
  2. Added some very minor info to the guide: http://lplive.net/shows/db/2000andearlier/20000722 The show was presented by 98Rock radio station. The price of admission was only 98 cents. http://lplive.net/shows/db/2000andearlier/20000729 The band Chronic Groove also played the show. The tickets were available for free at www.1059thex.com. Not sure if it means it was a 105.9 radio show.

    STP Album

    From AltWire's interview with Rob: "AW: You worked on and recorded several songs with Chester in 2015. Were any of those songs re-purposed for the new album with Jeff? Robert DeLeo: There were, but they were kind of ideas and they didn’t really get too far. Working on a new record with Chester was kind of a notion and it didn’t really go too far before he said he could no longer do STP. We got together and played some ideas and that was about it. So these ideas were sitting there for a couple of years"
  4. Prior to performing their first gig, Bucket Of Weenies rehearsed in a studio called Fortitude Studios (formerly Vintage Recorders) in Phoenix. There are a few photos of them hanging out in the studio (attached to this message). Should be added to the guide as: 2005.05.xx Phoenix, AZ, Fortitude Studios What's interesting is that the band was formed specifically to play that May 21st Club Tattoo show on that spot and they didn't even have a band name at the time. They weren't billed as Bucket Of Weenies on the gig's promo posters and flyers. The band was basically just Chester's backing band for his appearance at the event. It was promoted as "Linkin Park's Chester Bennington celebrating Club Tattoo's 10th anniversary". They liked playing together, so they stuck with each other and then spontaneously came up with the name during a radio interview.
  5. I posted the last full show yesterday, so the downloads are coming pretty soon: https://www.facebook.com/realgreydaze/posts/2086531031578601
  6. Posted the full video of that show on the band's YouTube/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realgreydaze/posts/2081032122128492 One more show and I'll post all of the videos as downloads on LPLive. I'll also include mp3's.
  7. 10 more copies confirmed to exist by various friends of Sean. In fact, according to the band's manager, 200 cassettes were manufactured, but nearly a hundred of them were destroyed because of the Arizona heat, so there are dozens of cassettes out there somewhere. Does it help to lower that goddamn price?
  8. Not yet, but I'll release it soon. ************************************** Photos courtesy of Sean Dowdell and Malaika Juliet Stuart: Castles N' Coasters show (one of the pics was posted before in a higher quality, but this version has a wider view) Whisky A Go Go show: Unspecified house party (the band performed at it, according to Sean): ************************************** Since we now have so much Grey Daze shows that are confirmed by ads and flyers in the guide, I'd like to minimize usage of shows that don't have an exact date. There's no reason to have some of them listed anymore. The first post of this thread is good enough for some of the information. I'd also like to add a page for one of the recordings I released along with Grey Daze Story and make some other corrections. Here's the full list of changes I'd like to make: Change dates for Whisky A Go Go and Coconut Teaszer shows from xxxx.xx.xx to 1998.xx.xx. Remove 1992.xx.xx Silver Dollar show from "Sean Dowdell & His Friends? shows". Remove the show the band opened for Seven Mary Three. It's possible it was actually in Electric Ballroom, not Gibson's nightclub. I'll add it to the first post of this thread, until we'll find the exact place/date. Add 1994.xx.xx Phoenix, AZ, McDowell Studios under "Gray Daze shows". We have a recording of the band doing "Come On", "Smoke Mouth", "Painted" and "Wake Me" at their rehearsal space. We''ll never find out the exact date, but there's no reason not to have it in the guide, since we have a recording, know the exact place, year and lineup (Chester, Sean, Jonathan and Steve, confirmed by Chester on the recording).

    RIP Chris Goad

    Chris Goad, the guitarist of Sean Dowdell And His Friends? and Genocide has passed away in Phoenix, Arizona after a few weeks long battle with sudden health problems. Sean Dowdell And His Friends? around early-1993: Jason Cekoric, Chester Bennington, Sean Dowdell and Chris Goad. We are deeply saddened by the loss and would like to give our deepest condolences to his family, bandmates and friends who may read this. Although I didn't have a chance to interview Chris for it, you can read our article to learn some things about him, Sean Dowdell And His Friends? and Genocide here: Click Rest In Peace. Sean Dowdell And His Friends? - "Painted Pictures": http://lplive.net/john/SDAHFPaintedPictures.mp3
  10. I have no idea why, but this Italian fansite says Grey Daze covered "Children Of The Grave" by Black Sabbath. I asked Sean if it's true: Me: Hello. Sean, do you remember if you ever performed "Children Of The Grave" by Black Sabbath with Grey Daze? I'm asking because I saw a mention of the band doing this song on some Italian LP fansite. It's the only place it was ever mentioned, so I'm wondering if it's some kind of a mistake or you or Mace did mention the band covering this song to some Italian fan. Definitely the first time I hear about it, though. Speaking of covers, can you name all of the covers you definitely remember doing with both SDAHF and Grey Daze aside from "Anything, Anything" by Dramarama, "Start Me Up" by The Rolling Stones and "Circles" by Big Head Todd & The Monsters? Thank you. Sean: Not that I can remember ever actually. we covered in the early early days Alice in Chains "Would" The Cult "Rain" Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and a bunch more that I can't recall As we know, Grey Daze also covered Stone Temple Pilots ("Interstate Love Song", "Vasoline" and "Big Empty"), The Beatles, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Pixies, Pearl Jam, Candlebox, Live and Tool ("Sober"). SD & His Friends? also covered The Ramones' "I Wanna Be Sedated", according to Rob Rogers.
  11. https://www.spreaker.com/user/adontheradio/hot-mic-the-90s-alternative-rock-scene AD Rowntree of a UK band Fat telling a story of how he first saw Chester performing with Grey Daze (the show is in the guide): "The guy was like the best frontman I'd ever seen. Just like freakin' ridiculous". EDIT: Another, much deeper, one from the same person: https://z93hv.iheart.com/featured/a-d/content/2017-07-24-goodnight-chester/
  12. A local AZ musician Mike Montoya remembering Chester and talking about Grey Daze/Mr. Pink show he saw in Big Fish Pub: "I decided to wait a minute to say something about the loss of Chester Bennington. I remember being so blown away by his talents at big fish pub in Tempe, AZ. He sang my favorite dramarama song and just completely nailed it. I think that night was one of my first times seeing Robin Vining play with Mr. Pink. My heart and prayers go out to Chester's family and friends. I wasn't close to him but just the fact that pretty close friends of mine were shows how connected we all are. I really believe life is God's gift and yes sometimes it can feel "like a movie you want to leave early" ,but maybe someone got a crappy seat with the three day old sticky soda spill. Or maybe someone doesn't have anyone to sit with? Anyhow, anyone feeling like this, feel free to contact me at anytime. God bless you and Chester!" I'll add "Anything, Anything" and this quote to the show page: http://lplive.net/shows/db/greydaze/19980220
  13. I recently talked with a member of the band Chindo Squad named Chris Braegger and, according to him, Chindo Squad also played a show with Grey Daze in Castles N' Coasters once. "I don't remember much about it at all, other than it was sponsored by a radio station who was broadcasting from the venue at certain points. Grey Daze wanted to play before us for some reason, which was odd since they generally had bigger crowds that we (Chindo Squad) did. We played with them on several occasions and got to know some of the band pretty well. I remember that show being outside and pretty hot, so it was some time around summer." Castles N' Coasters shows are confusing, but, thanks to a person named Jason Williams, one of the dates is now known: 1997.08.15 Phoenix, AZ, Castles N' Coasters On July 22nd, Jason has made a post on his Facebook about Chester and recalled seeing him at some Battle Of The Bands show and at Castles N' Coasters on the birthday of Jason's childhood friend Judd who also tragically passed away some time ago. I asked him about the date of his birthday and, according to him and some of his friends, that day was August 15th, but he wasn't totally sure about the year. He then said: "I was 12 at the time, so it was 21 years ago on the 15th of August, I believe. I saw Grey Daze play at Electric Ballroom with Chronic Future a few months before that show". The Chronic Future show happened on February 1st, 1997, so this Castles N' Coasters show was also in 1997. Jason doesn't remember other bands playing that day, so it is unclear if this show is one of the four we know about or if all of them are really the same exact show.
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