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  1. Some cool gems in here, in case anyone's wondering. 5 recordings of QWERTY in 2007, piano version of Breaking the Habit (Toronto, 7/12/08), Sweet Child o' Mine from Guns 'N' Roses was mashed up with Bleed It Out (East Troy, 8/16/08), and even some Dead By Sunrise Songs, (7/30/09 through 8/9/09). Crawl Back in, Fire, and My Suffering were the only three played (if I recall correctly). Also, No Woman, No Cry from Bob Marley was sang during the The Messenger (Tel Aviv, 11/15/10), and VICTIMIZED was mashed up with QWERTY (Bristow, 8/11/12). I'm sure I'm missing a TON of other things; I'm grabbing this from my memory and double checking the dates. If anyone's got any more treasure they found in these DSP's, please add on in this thread!
  2. 1. With You (Reanimation-style) 2. Runaway 3. Papercut 4. By Myself 5. Given Up (Ext. outro) 6. Hit the Floor 7. From the Inside 8. Pushing Me Away (Piano version) 9. Breaking the Habit (Acapella outro) 10. Powerless 11. One More Light 12. Leave Out All the Rest 13. Valentine's Day 14. Victimized/QWERTY 15. Blackout 16. Waiting For the End 17. Keys to the Kingdom 18. Guilty All the Same 19. Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses cover) ----------------------------------------------------------- 20. In the End (Ext. bridge) 21. Heavy 22. A Place For My Head ft. Jeremy McKinnon (Ext. bridge) 23. Bleed It Out 24. One Step Closer (Reanimation bridge) 25. Faint (Ext. outro)
  3. I agree. I just hope more and more stuff leaks out in the future. There's so many shows I wish were released entirely, hopefully SOMEBODY at Warner will relay our message one day
  4. I wish they'd release the two pre-production tapes we haven't heard yet. Other than that, I'm sure this new project will be great
  5. Oh man. I know this is a reach but the first thing that popped into my head was Xero. The community would go crazy if they did something like a small show under that name or re-recorded the four songs off the original demo. Probably won't happen but we can only dream!!! I'm so proud of these guys
  6. Do either of the people who recorded both sources have more Linkin Park stuff? The community would go berserk if they had any more IEM recordings of Chester
  7. Crazily enough, the concert stems don't have Chester's backing vocals and main vocals separated, unless the copy of the concert stems I found had those two tracks put together by the uploader
  8. I know for sure that the vocal stems for With You are all out there (except for Mike's main verses). A channel on YouTube had Chester's main track and background track separated along with Mike's background.
  9. Sorry for replying to a dead thread. Thank you guys for your help! I think it's awesome how much this community knows about the band. I did find his main microphones, the Sennheiser SKM 2000 with the 865-a capsule and the Audio Technica AEW-T6100 with his signature yellow electrical tape (I wish I could've bought one of the ones being auctioned on reverb), but I can't find what microphone he used for the 2001 & 2004 Rock Am Ring shows along with the '04 Download Festival. The capsule is almost definitely a Shure Beta 58A, but I'm not sure about the microphone itself. It looks like a Shure microphone, and the tiny little screen looks similar to the ones made by Shure, but I can't find one with the antenna at the end. Maybe it's part of the system? Thank you guys for everything
  10. Thank you!!! I will definitely look into this
  11. Particularly later in his career. The model or even just the company that made it would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas!!!
  12. Thank you so much!!! You're a legend. I agree. Rock am Ring 2004 is such a mesmerizing show. Can't get enough of it
  13. I cannot seem to find a link to this show. I've been looking for a good live version of "With You," like the Rock Am Ring 2004 reanimated version but with better mixing. (I can't hear Chester that well in the RAR 2004 audio.) If anyone can possibly help point me into a direction where I can find this recording, it will be much appreciated! I've been searching for awhile but to no avail. Thank you for your time. : ) Here's a link to the page: http://lplive.net/shows/db/2004/20040609
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