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  1. if Crowz from Slipknot leaked (which is the holy grail of all Slipknot recordings), i think the chances of Pictureboard surfacing one day are pretty good
  2. we forget that Sean Dowdell is someone who's STRICTLY money-minded. of course a lot of these things are marketing tactics of his with no respect towards Chester & the rest of his family. i do agree that Head shouldn't be on this album after those comments. no matter how impulsive coming out and saying that shit was, nobody here in this community will ever forget that. i'm still going to listen to the album regardless. i hope they remake more songs in the future (Believe Me, Holding You, Saturation, etc.) and that those two unreleased pre-production tapes surface, but the way they're going about this really is scummy and it's something i don't condone whatsoever. all of this drama spawning in Chester's family makes me sick. none of this is what he would've wanted
  3. do we know what the bonus tracks are?
  4. vocals of Spin were previewed on facebook
  5. please let this happen soon!!! already stoked for this and the first record isn't even out yet
  6. neither Hole or Spin (which were both previewed) are on the album. damn
  7. glad She Shines is confirmed for the record. now please give me Holding You and Believe Me, i'll be so happy 🥺
  8. watched the first couple minutes the other day and didn't even get that far into the video to see it, had no idea Chester was in it til I saw this. this is wonderful :' )
  9. have you decided on what Xero Hunting vol. 3 will be yet? haha
  10. Kings of Chaos with Chester AND Corey Taylor was iconic. THAT'S what we need SBD audio of
  11. they played My December, Pushing Me Away, Crawling (w/ Aaron Lewis), and In The End acoustically during AAC Night 2 in 2001. A Place For My Head had an acoustic intro as well
  12. Scourge

    Xero News

    it's crazy to think some holy grails of vintage LP stuff is probably lost in a bin in someone's attic right now
  13. Scourge

    Xero News

    Holy fuck!!!! This is awesome!!!
  14. The songs are gonna have his original vocals but with other vocalists as guests from what I've heard
  15. Really cool stuff, this is my daily listening playlist outside of Spotify now. Only thing i'd change is With You, there's one performance I thought was better than Warsaw but I don't have access to my laptop to find out which one it was lol. Either way though, this is awesome. Thank you guys
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