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  1. totally forgot to put the high rise songs in lmfao. same on the inside, cry cry and tomorrow all would've been awesome to hear live too
  2. this would've been my ideal ChesTP setlist, maybe we'll get a cool little deluxe release for High Rise one day and we'll hear some of these songs as a rehearsal or something (probably not but who knows !) Days of the Week Big Bang Baby Vasoline Lounge Fly Crackerman Unglued Silvergun Superman Church on Tuesday Heaven & Hotrods Big Empty Interstate Love Song Still Remains Lady Picture Show Adhesive And so I Know Wonderful Creep Hollywood Bitch Pop's Love Suicide Sex Type Thing Sex & Violence ---------------------------------------------------- Down Dead & Bloated Wicked Garden Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart Plush (2014 ver.)
  3. love you Felipe!!! thank you for always giving us the coolest shit ever!!!!!!
  4. not too big of a fan of them, if they were on the HTEP i wouldn't have really batted an eye
  5. Stick N Move and Esaul are both unfortunate victims of Jeff Blue lol, i thought the lyrics to the Xero & LPU11 versions of Esaul were better lyrically
  6. if we got a KKB remix of a Hybrid Theory song my soul would be complete
  7. my personal holy grail is Chester's audition tape. after hearing these Xero demos, it's got me itching to hear them
  8. Chester sang a line from the chorus from The Morning After at the end of the Bristow show in '04 but that's it lmfao
  9. wouldn't be surprised if they include it in a Meteora/MTM boxset since it was on LPU 6
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