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  1. I think all four of those songs are
  2. Hope this isn't breaking the rules or anything (feel free to delete my post if it is), but the other tracks in the screenshot were "Dialate", "She Couldn't", "Could Have Been", "Reading My Eyes", "Rhinestone", "Esaul", "Stick N Move", "Carousel", and "Points of Authority". There were two other songs but you can't see it in the screenshot.
  3. ah, i see what the shoutbox chaos was about now lol
  4. wouldn't it be funny if LP released some really good demos for HT's 20th anniversary to make that more true than it already is
  5. i thought the album was alright. She Shines, Soul Song and Morei Sky were my favorite tracks by far. some songs like B12 and The Syndrome were a bit too overproduced for me and i wish the songs like Just Like Heroin and Shouting Out kept their very mellow and defeated atmospheres to them. like i said in the shoutbox, i think this album would've been much better if they really did work to fit the raw vocal track instead of adjusting the notes to fit the instrumentals. the pitch jumps were a bit too obnoxious for me especially in B12. regardless, it was refreshing to hear some new music involving Chester. all drama and bullshit aside, i hope these guys are able to remake some of my other Grey Daze favorites like Believe Me and Commit on another record. there's pre-production tapes out there from '96 i hope surface as well; i'd love to hear how some of the Wake Me songs in the style of No Sun Today sound. i'm beyond grateful this album came out regardless of how i think it sounds. even with all the drama surrounding it currently, you can't forget how great of a project Grey Daze was in the 90's. it's something from Chester's career i think should be highlighted more and the release of this album is helping that come true.
  6. what song starts playing in the background at 0:23? i can't find the LPTV episode that clip is from
  7. if Crowz from Slipknot leaked (which is the holy grail of all Slipknot recordings), i think the chances of Pictureboard surfacing one day are pretty good
  8. we forget that Sean Dowdell is someone who's STRICTLY money-minded. of course a lot of these things are marketing tactics of his with no respect towards Chester & the rest of his family. i do agree that Head shouldn't be on this album after those comments. no matter how impulsive coming out and saying that shit was, nobody here in this community will ever forget that. i'm still going to listen to the album regardless. i hope they remake more songs in the future (Believe Me, Holding You, Saturation, etc.) and that those two unreleased pre-production tapes surface, but the way they're going about this really is scummy and it's something i don't condone whatsoever. all of this drama spawning in Chester's family makes me sick. none of this is what he would've wanted
  9. do we know what the bonus tracks are?
  10. vocals of Spin were previewed on facebook
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