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  1. my personal holy grail is Chester's audition tape. after hearing these Xero demos, it's got me itching to hear them
  2. Chester sang a line from the chorus from The Morning After at the end of the Bristow show in '04 but that's it lmfao
  3. wouldn't be surprised if they include it in a Meteora/MTM boxset since it was on LPU 6
  4. the BBC Radio 1 banner on the left side of the stage makes me wonder if they actually aired the entire LP set over FM radio
  5. i never said it was bad, let's not act like we listen to it for any other reason than Chester's vocals being on them
  6. i'm way more interested in new live material than overproduced remixes of the songs
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdQro4nM-JE&ab_channel=LPLiveArchive
  8. still waiting for those two other pre-production tapes to release, i'd rather have those than another Amends
  9. my personal favorite
  10. oh shit, we're gonna get a proshot of the My Own Summer cover. sweet!
  11. they didn't play any MTM songs besides QWERTY, and even then that's a b-side
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