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  1. Because those contests always high quality results, lol. Does someone remember a single remix that was the result of one of those contests?
  2. I shared my sentiment about this approach in the other thread already but I have some more words. How are other people supposed to get excited for a release if he himself is not even excited to release it and share it with others in the first place? I guess the hardcore fan base (me included) will be excited for every release but if he wants it to be successful in a broader sense, I don't really understand how this makes sense. You either create something you are proud of and you really want to show it to the world or you create something that you think is not as good, but then maybe it is best to not share it? I don't know. I am really confused by all of this. As already discussed in the shoutbox the release might be planned all along anyway and this is just a very weird way to spread the word.
  3. I never wanted THP. I am not a huge fan of digging up such an old thread but one thing I want to say is that I think people often forget how diverse the LP fanbase is. There are a lot of people who come from a rock background or LP was their entry into the rock scene, but there are also a lot of people who are not into rock at all and for them LP is probably the most guitar centric music they listen to. I often times feel like the first type is much more prominent on forums like LPLive and therefore the impression of what people want is completely skewed.
  4. Oh I think I didn't articulate myself properly there. If he just wants to go all out fun and throw out random singles that's also fine for me if that's his complete attitude right now. I just don't want him to give in to what fans ask for. Like in that case where people ask for an album and he is like "if you want an album I guess I could throw it together". folklore/evermore is definitely a Taylor thing and she wasn't like guided by someone else. Bon Iver was only invovled in one song (plus another one on evermore) and Antonoff is part of her team since 1989.
  5. So after listening to it throughout the day I think it is an average song. It's not bad, but it's also not outstanding. It will probably end up in a random playlist and I will listen to it from time to time but I certainly won't be like "I really want to listen to Happy Endings right now!". I was always wondering what a more positive/happy song from Mike would sound like since that basically never happened with LP or FM. I am really happy that he explores that direction more and that we get to hear some of that. I really love the melodies and the chorus. It's really catchy. I feel like the whole instrumental is kinda lacklustre though. It's a solid production, but nothing exciting or unexpected is happening. Nothing that grabs my attention. In general the release as a whole felt super unexciting to me though and I think a lot of that comes from Mike's stream. In a certain way I feel super oversaturated from his content and more importantly hearing new music from him kinda lost its magic. I really like his stream and I still have it running in the background every day while cooking or gaming or doing something else, but I wouldn't mind him streaming only one or two days a week or maybe take extended breaks for like 2-3 weeks. I think having the mysterious silence for months and then slowly getting hints about something new, without having any idea what direction we can expect builds up so much more interest and hype while being able to see Mike just grinding it out every day seems too... normal. I also disliked the direction he took yesterday in the stream when he said that he has a bunch of songs and if people want an album, he could maybe make one. That's now how it should work in my opinion. In my head Mike should have a vision for what type of release he wants to go for, and then do it. What he said yesterday felt to me like "oh I have random songs, I guess I could just release them, like whatever". We had 3 "whatever" releases with Dropped Frames already last year. Nevertheless I am very curious to see what direction he takes in the future and what other things we will see from him. I am totally fine with him going a really poppy route, but I would be even more happy if it was a little bit more experimental.
  6. No, everyone knows. Because that's how Zora works. If you don't believe me go ahead and read their whitepaper and docs on their website. It will even tell you, that the file must be publicly available. Otherwise the authenticity of the file couldn't be validated when reselling it. Also it is not about getting access to the file when you bid on something on Zora. It's about being the owner of a given file. It doesn't matter if everyone can have a copy or see it on the internet. What matters to the people who buy that stuff is that for them, there is a concept of ownership of that file, and one person owns that. That's what it is all about. It is not about getting access to exclusive content.
  7. On Zora you always see the full media that belongs to the NFT on the auction sale site. There is nothing else to it.
  8. If it's that easy you should do it. It makes good money. I don't want to be rude or anything, but being dismissive like that is not nice. Writing catchy pop tunes is most probably not as easy as people think it is, otherwise more people would do it and people wouldn't get rich from doing so. Also there is a reason those generic pop songs have like 10 songwriters. I would argue that if it sounds like a generic pop sound, it's probably more of a compliment 😄 It's totally fine to not like pop music and everything but I think it's still important to have respect for the craftsmanship. Mike is keeping Marroquin because he is probably one of the best mixers you can get right now. Marroquin is not forcing anything on Mike, he just executes whatever Mike wants. If you don't like the mix, it is most probably because Mike or the band went for that direction, and not because of the execution of Marroquin.
  9. Yes. 6 songs from OML. He also mixed most of Post Traumatic.
  10. Ah okay makes sense, I thought he talked about it.
  11. There is a new page on his website https://www.mikeshinoda.com/NFTTerms Seems like some NFT related stuff is coming. Really? I watched the whole stream today but missed it. Any idea when in the stream that was?
  12. He confirmed on stream that it won't be LP related (which was obvious) and that it won't be an album. So it's either just the one song or maybe an EP.
  13. It is indeed very interesting. I remember song names and releases getting leaked through Shazam years ago but that didn't work in ages so I actually already gave up on my research for the evening after trying out my usual things. I don't think it was "intended" to be found there though. Genius also recognises the song (it will place the artists and the title in the search bar, but it won't find any search result) so it is not exclusive to Shazam. I assume the song is already in all kinds of databases but just not released on actual stores/services.
  14. Snippet can be found on shazam. Song will be called happy endings and feature iann dior & UPSAHL.
  15. After hinting at some big news already yesterday on his Twitch and ending the stream with "we will have plenty to talk about tomorrow", Mike just posted a short snippet of music around lunchtime PST on February 16th. He tweeted, "Something big is coming this week. #HappyEndings" On Twitch today, Mike said that he would talk more about the post tomorrow, on February 17th. While we don't know what Mike is up to currently, he did make a comment on Twitch in fall 2020 (paraphrasing) like, "When I stream on Twitch, it's only for a few hours in the middle of the day. You guys know I do stuff after that, right?" As well as another hint where he said something to the effect of, "You guys don't know what all I do off of Twitch!" As creative as Mike is, it wouldn't be surprising to hear that he is working on new music. Mike's latest releases have included the Dropped Frames albums, several instrumental tracks through his Twitch streaming, his remix of 'Passenger' (Deftones), and a series of production sessions with independent artists. Finally, he also has a 'Sleepy Track' session that he is looking to release sometime this year. Since it is something big I assume it will be at least a new song, probably a new album? What do you guys think? EDIT: Mike will be releasing a song entitled 'Happy Endings' featuring iann dorr and UPSAHL. Ten videos of the song will be sold on Zora, and Mike will release the full song publicly on February 19, 2021.
  16. Looking back at my comment it might not have been worded in the best way. If people want to buy it and he wants to sell things there, sure thing, go ahead and do it. Nothing wrong with that. I just thought it's a little bit off to tell his fans that they are not the audience and how he handled the reaction of the fans in general. Not a huge fan of the discussion culture of some of the comments here in the forums though. As soon as you criticise something in any capacity it is crying? It's an interesting topic and worth having a discussion but if that's the direction we are heading I don't think it is worth doing that here. If you would acquire it would you rather regard it as an investment that might be worth more in the future or would you buy it because it has a certain value to yourself? Honest question since I want to understand more about it.
  17. Really disappointed by how Mike just handled the situation on the stream. He said that the stream viewers, who are his most loyal fans in general, are not the target audience. First of all without the fans like the ones tuning in every day, his NFT wouldn't be worth as much as it apparently is. Dismissing all of those people just like that seems off putting to me. He also said that he will continue doing things like that, because not doing it would make no sense. So he's actively planning on releasing things that are not targeted towards his actual fanbase but rather to rich people in the cryptosphere. I respect Mike and he can do whatever he wants but his reaction was totally tone deaf in my opinion. Trying out new tech and innovations is a cool thing and I totally encourage him and the band to keep on doing so but if you start targeting the "1%" of your fanbase without considering the rest, it's hard to not go into the direction of "cashgrab".
  18. We are getting pretty off topic here I guess, but anyway 😄 In general I agree that decentralisation is better. That doesn't mean that everything should be decentralised though. But that's what's happening in the blockchain world. People want to throw it at every single thing. You mentioned the automotive industry and I heard the same thing you said billions of times (I live in pretty much the most automotive heavy area in Germany, so a lot of the people I talked to about blockchain are also from that industry) but what I fail to see is how are there practical implementations. People say that you can track everything in your supply chain for example, but how do you know that people feed the correct data into the blockchain? You need to trust the other parties anyway so why introduce a convoluted system? Maybe that would be great, but I don't see the blockchain community striving for that. It feels like everything is just there to present the awesomeness of blockchains and how it is the most important aspect. The actual applications always feel second class to me. Here lies the key difference in my opinion: the internet developed naturally and applications for it came up once people got used to the concept and the idea, whereas with blockchain people forcefully try to create applications of the tech before people got used to the whole concept. Anyway, I think we are going pretty off topic here and this topic probably shouldn't develop into a general discussion about blockchain tech 😄 Happy to continue this discussion in private messages or somewhere else though.
  19. The highest bidder has half a million USD laying around in various Ethereum tokens so I guess it's a rich person who doesn't really care that much about $21,000. https://etherscan.io/tokenholdings?a=0xf69ea6646cf682262e84cd7c67133eac59cef07b
  20. I have a strong opinion about all these blockchain things but I initially didn't really want to be too negative about it, but since most people have a very critical view on this I thought I will share my rant about it anyway. First of all, this is a typical example of blockchain tech in general. Some people think all that blockchain and crypto stuff is the most genius thing that happens to human kind within the last thousand years or so, while the rest of the world just doesn't care at all. Instead of taking a step back and questioning if all of these things are necessary and if they actually solve a problem that really exists, people invested into crypto and blockchain tech try to push it even further with services and more tech that build upon blockchains. But what never gets solved is the problem of people understanding it and actually using blockchain tech. And for me the whole reason why this is not happening is: there is no need for it. All the problems blockchain startups try to solve were never any problems to begin with. Zora is a prime example in my opinion. No one understands it. And once people get a rough idea, they still don't see the point. If you want to auction something unique, just use Ebay and have a centralised system that tells you who the current owner is. Why is another level of complexity necessary here? How does crypto help? I think the only reason crypto is necessary here is because otherwise no one would care about the idea of owning a digital item. The whole point is to find an application for crypto, no matter how much sense it makes. So why are people out there bidding 10k or more for a thing no one understands and no one actually cares about? My explanation is that there are a quite some people who invested a lot of their money into crypto currencies (and some of them made quite some money with it) and they really believe in the tech and its future growth. So those people are inclined to spend more money on crypto related services. Imagine you invest 90% of your money into crypto and you see it growing and growing. You start to really believe in it and you start to invest more and more into it and you also start to spend more in the whole ecosystem to "get the ball rolling". I would make a bet that whoever wins the auction is a bigger fan of Ethereum than of Mike. I might sound like an old guy who isn't open for new tech but I think crypto is a super interesting tech from a pure technical point of view. I host a tech meetup where I live and I heard various talks about it and I am always interested in inviting people to talk about it again. But so far I have never had a person there who was able to convince me that there is an actual problem that blockchain tech is going to solve. All of the problems are always made up. Mike has always been interested in tech and he just wants to try something out which is totally fine. But I think if something needs that much explanation and is still so confusing for everyone, it is probably not going to be a thing. Maybe the world is just not ready for crypto yet.
  21. My understanding of everything: Imagine Mike would release the song on a CD, but he will sell just a single disc. So only one person at a time can own that CD. That doesn't mean only that person has the song. The owner of the disc could rip the song and (illegally) leak it to the internet or whatever. But you always only have on person who owns the actual collectible. The difference here is: there is not a real disc. There is only the song as a digital good. So how do you keep track who owns the "disc"? That's why this whole thing builds upon the block chain. After the auction, the new owner will be saved in the ethereum block chain forever. So you always have that block chain as a source of truth of who owns the song right now (while normally the CD itself would be the proof basically). Now that person could decide they want to sell that "disc" in a couple of years. The blockchain still has the information that can verify that that person is the owner and after that person sold it, the new owner will be saved to the blockchain, so you always know who currently owns it (and you have the complete history of owners for validation). Another difference to the real world collectibles is (at least if I understood zora.co correctly): whenever the next person decides to sell the item, the original owner (in this case Mike) will get a cut of the money.
  22. Really looking forward to this. The song itself was great even before Mike touched it and his production was one of the best things he did on stream.
  23. 11/10. Perfect remix. Some people take things way too serious. Sometimes you just have to have some fun.
  24. How reliable are those information? Can we assume that he had some written records of everything or is some of that based on his memory?
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