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  1. Update time: There is a new theme named "cool" which includes new pictures: There are new e-mails: Brad found new songs: "These should complete the collection with the ones we found on the old computer. Mike, I’m going to have Ryan send everything over for you to review. Just make sure you keep these secure." Phoenix found some flyers: "Perfect. Also I just found some old show flyers we should include. I can’t believe I still have these." That's all for today I think.
  2. Random fact: The password thing was changed a couple of minutes after the site was changed (but way before LP tweeted about the update). Initially you could just go right into the password thing and enter it. A couple of minutes later they changed it so you can only enter the valid password if you opened the defrag thing before.
  3. That would be absolutely insane. I never even dreamed of hearing it one day.
  4. The next things that will do something are most probably the Network settings or the System properties.
  5. Update time! Password is: New images: Also: new emails Brad: Joe: ""It’s cool seeing some of the versions of the album cover we considered. Haven’t seen those in years." Defragger is updated. If you let it run it will unveil the password. New corrupted files after entering the password: New images after entering the password: The neon theme is also available now. I think that is everything that can be found in this update.
  6. FWIW I think we found everything that can be found today.
  7. Things I found so far: E-Mails, but they seem rather uninteresting to me New Light Theme There seem to be more themes that will probably appear in the next few days: neon cool sepia inverted This is the only new image related to the new theme that I can find:
  8. Probably just a typo they fixed.
  9. The password doesn't matter. Even if you have the correct password: the server is not responding with any content we don't already see right now.
  10. Eventually there will be password, so technically he is not saying something wrong. Maybe I am wrong, but I personally stopped looking into it because I am 100% sure we can't get further today.
  11. You can't guess the password right now because how the code works right now, it can never actually pass (it will only start working as soon as the password actually appears on the website). But even if you could get the code to pass, the only thing that shows up is the success message and it adds the two menu items. The actual content is coming from the server but it is still locked there so there is no way of getting it right now (the requests to the server are done without the password, so it won't matter for actually getting the content)
  12. I am just digging in to the code. There is a possibility there is also something in the images, but I can rule out the password.
  13. A lot of stuff that is already present is annotated with "day1" so I assume that today counts as day 1 which means day 3 is Sunday. Having something big on a Sunday would also make most sense from a marketing point of view I guess. Speaking of things that are annotated with "day1". The following areas are marked with day1 so I assume they will change over time: * Network settings * System Properties * Defragger Also about the emails: In general there is a system in place for loading all the different parts from the server once you click something. There is a dedicated system that is very similar to that for emails, so I would assume emails will also appear in the mail client over time.
  14. So I have a very good idea of what will happen next: On day 3 we will get the password. Once you enter it, the screen will look like this: In addition it will add two items to the "Documents" menu in the Start menu: * For Review: there are indicators that these will be the 4 tracks * Image Approvals: I assume some unreleased artwork or photos or something like that The IDs for the content that is loaded are already there but when you try to load the data from the server it will return nothing. So we have to wait until they are unlocked server side.
  15. For clarification for people who are not familiar with that stuff: That basically reads out the text that is placed somewhere in the HTML code of the website (some element with 'class="day3-nuo"') and then compares whatever you entered with it. That element is not there yet so there is no way to enter the correct password. The same goes for the content that would pop up if you enter the correct password: it is also not present. The class name starting with day3 also strongly suggests that it is indeed time gated.
  16. Just took a quick look and I don't think there is much we can do and it seems to be time gated content. There are ids used that make it sound like it will be daily updated (there is an id that is called "modal-window-networkday1" for example). Will keep digging further though and see if there is more to it. That's just setting the cookie the website stores to expire in 6 months. In general the only files you have to take a look at are the ones that are served from the linkinpark.com domain directly (they all have a name like "custom_js_12....").
  17. I agree that releasing a DVD in 2020 would be a huge joke. Do people still have DVD players attached to their TVs and actually use it? That just made me realise that I don't even have a single device left in my home that is capable of playing back audio CDs. Crazy.
  18. This. There are a lot of people out there who can't afford $500. There are countries where people don't even earn that money in a month working full time. But those people would still feel weird and left out if they can't afford the "hardcore" package. That's why I think there should be a limit to the most expensive version. Probably around $100 which is already pretty high for a lot of people I would assume. Does someone have numbers how much big anniversary releases of other bands cost? I think Metallica and Beatles were mentioned a couple of times here.
  19. If they create a super high quality product, I think it is reasonable to ask for a higher price, but I hope it won‘t be something ridiculous like the Recharged thing. It is going to be a very special release for every Linkin Park fan, and I don‘t think it would be fair to just categorically deny that release to a lot of people who can‘t afford a $500 release. I think they have to find a sweet spot between making it super freaking amazing with crazy stuff in there while also keeping it accessible for the average hardcore fan and that‘s definitely lower than $500.
  20. It is super interesting how people really like one more than the other. I think vol 2 is way better than the first one. I tried to put the first volume on while working and it didn't do it for me while volume 2 feels super great.
  21. The crackling sound seems to be intentional to me. It might be a little bit loud at times though.
  22. The tweet was over a year ago. It is totally possible that they worked on something completely different since then.
  23. No they shouldn't. They have a choice, and if they think spreading their values is more important than a couple of fans then by all means they should do it and use their platform. It is up to the fan what to make out of it.
  24. There are other differences between the demo and the final version besides the collabs and the mixing/mastering.
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