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  1. I would argue that everyone who is unsatisfied with the problems should contact them instead of relying on information from other people. The more people make it clear that they are unhappy with the situation the higher the chances that they will do something.
  2. I used the contact form on the European store.
  3. Wrote a mail to the warner store about the whole EU downgrade situation. Let's see if they have anything to say about it (even though I doubt that I will get a reasonable answer).
  4. He did it on Instagram live. It's available on Instagram TV or however that is called. I didn't really watched it, just saw that strap. To be honest this is kinda unsatisfactory. I feel like the EU got an inferior product which to me is inexcusable at that price point.
  5. I just watched the unboxing video of both Mike and Joe. There boxes both have like a "strip" on the right side that makes pulling out all the vinyls much easier. Is that strip there for everyone in the US? My EU box doesn't have it.
  6. I think the "send e-mail to all subscribers" feature on twitch is just super broken. I don't know a single streamer who uses it. Most streamers use other platforms like Discord where people can connect their twitch account and they distribute subscriber exclusive content over these other services. I assume that twitch is not maintaining the e-mail feature well because of the low usage.
  7. So far it looks like it is only a EU problem.
  8. The first song in the "Linkin Park Complete Playlist" on Spotify is Pictureboard. Whoever was responsible for that, it is a really nice touch.
  9. After I missed the first subscriber mail (the font) I found out that there is a setting in your twitch account settings that specifies if you want to receive those emails or not. It was turned off for me. If you turn it on make sure it to wait a couple of minutes, refresh the page and check if the setting was really applied. It didn‘t work properly for me for days. I tried contacting twitch but their support is complete trash and they never even read my ticket. Eventually the setting was applied and I never touched it again. Sadly that won‘t make previous emails appear but at least you can make sure you get all future mails.
  10. This is so random. Both the sample itself and that he just casually dug up that vinyl today.
  11. Watching the PR02 show right now. Incredible performance. I am just a couple of songs in but that is probably my favorite HT era show we have. I only listened to it on TV speakers yet but the mix sounds incredible.
  12. Just got my box. I expected a cardboard box but it actually looks a little bit more premium. The book looks super great. Super happy with the whole package in general. The only thing that bothers me way more than it should even though it is super minor: the Fillmore/RaR and the Frat Party DVDs are mislabeled. So the DVD that says it contains the two shows actually contains Frat Party and vice versa.
  13. Got my tracking code a couple of hours ago (I‘m in Germany).
  14. I think that depends on how Amazon is doing everthing. If they get the source material from the bands that is possible but if they make some magic interpolation "machine learning" whatever stuff with it (which I think is more likely), then probably not.
  15. I got that. But comparing that to movies from the 80s in 4k is a bad comparison because those movies exist in 4k quality or even higher.
  16. Bad comparison. If a movie was shot on film, that film most likely holds way more information than you could cover with a 1080p transfer. Transferring old film to 4k or even more actually makes a lot of sense. Here is an article that explains it way better than I ever could: https://www.howtogeek.com/199182/ask-htg-how-can-studios-release-high-definition-versions-of-decades-old-movies-and-tv-shows/
  17. No it won't and I am not complaining about the box set at all. I would have just preferred it if they went with Bluray instead. They could have focused the marketing around "3 shows and a documentary" instead of the number of DVDs. But I get your point.
  18. For me the reason why they should put this on Bluray instead of DVD was mostly about having one disk instead of multiple disks. I never expected a better quality.
  19. I would buy so much more merch if they wouldn't spread everything out across weeks. I don't want to pay for shipping every couple of weeks. Also does someone understand the sale prices? Until when are those things on "sale" and when will they go to their regular prices?
  20. Winner will be announced Friday 3 PM EST.
  21. So last week Linkin Park posted on Twitter which 3 songs people would keep from Hybrid Theory (https://twitter.com/linkinpark/status/1302283688747528192) Today I thought I should crunch the numbers and here is what people replied: Image version Interactive graph The graph is based on around 5.6k tweets that were collected in the first 48 hours after the Tweet was created and shows how many of those 5.6k tweets mentioned a certain song.
  22. Even if all he says is true (I am way too uninformed to have any opinion about all that) he should NEVER go around and insult people publicly. You just don‘t do that as a public person. If you do that you immediately look like a huge asshole. Even if other people call you stupid shit, be the bigger person and either try to continue by having a useful and calm discussion or just don‘t participate. There is no win in insulting people. He chose to be the person who wants to argue and insult other people. That alone is enough reason for me to not give him any of my money.
  23. Probably ends up being another broadcast of LIT/RTR songs.
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