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  1. Yeah that was me. It was when he got partnered status. I proposed it as an incentive for subscribers. He took a note of it but I guess it will never happen.
  2. I am afraid of a future where the proper versions are erased from the internet. How does no one at the band, management or label care about this issue? No Roads Left sounds like a joke.
  3. I don't really get this. Music is usually created from the beginning to end with stereo in mind (excluding movie scores). Every other form/mix is just an afterthought, created with whatever was available. I wouldn't be surprised if no one in the band ever heard the surround version, let alone approving it. For me this sounds more like a fun gimmick feature to sell a service.
  4. I am probably nitpicking here but the title sounds misleading to me. It makes it sound like the song was written as a tribute to Chester which isn‘t the case.
  5. The logo they went with definitely aged way better than most of the other ideas. Some of them look even older than 2007.
  6. He hasn‘t said that LP is „not done“ in ages if I am not mistaken. Also it is totally possible that they were working on new material, they didn‘t liked it and later ob decided that it‘s not working for them anymore. I am not saying that this is the case or whatever, just want to point out that those points are not a 100% indicator that they are not done.
  7. MTM was also the time when they started headlining all the big festivals.
  8. Just checked the site I ordered it from and there it says that shipping is estimated in May now. Wow.
  9. Did anyone get theirs yet? Wasn‘t the release supposed to be in March?
  10. That's the best reference I've ever seen on this forum.
  11. Is Mike on some next level troll shit that I just don't understand? I am not sure, either he needs a break or I need a break from him.
  12. Having different editions was never the problem. You have that with every album that gets released. It makes sense. The problem was that there were so many different versions that no one was even able to keep track of just the different vinyl versions for example. Also I can't wait for the day when this is not a common theme in every other thread anymore.
  13. Oh that's basically what I meant that without a secondary market this will die. There is no activity in reselling those NFTs right now. Why would there be? If you want one you just have to wait a week and you can get a newly created one from Mike. No need to buy one for a higher price from someone else. And as long as there is no activity on the secondary market no one knows how prices will develop. It's as if an artist would sell a couple new painted pictures every other week. Why would you try to buy one second hand from someone else for a higher price than the original price while you can get one from the artist itself basically all the time. If people are already complaining that they are losing on their investment, that confirms to me that people started buying them because they were afraid of missing out on something huge without understanding it. If you buy a painted picture you wouldn't expect it to be resell-able at a profit (or just without a loss) within a couple of days. Man I would give so much for a MS/TR collaboration but I don't see it happening. I have no idea what Trent thinks about Mike but I don't think that that would be the kind of collaboration Trent would be up for. He seems to be very particular how and with whom he works.
  14. Why? We don't know that. We can only speculate. Owning a digital piece of art in the way it is done by NFTs is not comparable to something we had before (at least I am not familiar with a similar system that existed before). We can't say for sure how prices will develop in the future. I personally think that what's happening right now is like a bubble and in a couple of years all these NFTs are going to be worthless because no one cares about them anymore. And even if that is not happening, the market is flooded with NFTs. Even if they stay relevant over years, just compare how many original pieces of art you were able to buy from Mike vs. the amount of NFTs he minted. Owning an NFT from Mike is probably already more common than owning an original painting from him. And that happened just within a couple of weeks. Also a lot of the pieces that he minted have like 1 or 2 bidders. Basically if someone wants to own an NFT of him, chances are high that that person will also get one right now. So no one is going to go after them in the secondary market. And without an active secondary market I don't see this whole idea working out in the long run. People who got into it as an investment will see their NFTs losing value over time, people who minted them won't see any profit from the secondary market so that argument will also lose its value etc. But yeah, we can't know for sure. It's all speculation. We will see what the future brings. Maybe in 20 years an NFT from Mike is worth a couple million dollars and I'll bite myself in the ass for not buying one right now. Who knows.
  15. That's what I mean when I said people overthink this. It's not so hard to understand why someone would buy this. Either people are into art and they want to buy a piece of art or they see it as an investment and they can get more money out of it in the future. People get hung up on the fact that it is a digital file rather than an oil painting on a canvas or whatever. There is no difference conceptually. Also it's not like it costs millions. If you compare it with traditional art it is totally in line. An original piece of art for around $1k-$2k is nothing unusual. Hell, if I could buy an actual original painting for even $3k or more, I wouldn't even have to think about it for a second. I still think that morally this whole NFT thing is just bad and I lost a lot of respect for Mike. Not because of the environmental issues but because of my perception of crypto as a whole (I am basically of the opinion that the whole crypto scene is a pyramid scheme. I don't want to bore people with my rant about that once again though).
  16. The art itself is pretty straight forward. It is multiple computer graphics rendered scenes accompanied by music. The theme of the scenes seem to be topic of 3D computer graphics in general. I think people start to overthink this stuff now.
  17. Of course it wouldn't but that wasn't my point at all.
  18. That's not the point at all. It's not about getting as big as they are right now. ATS could stand on its own. Even without the history of LP I would consider it as an album that I would be interested in and I would understand if it is successful.
  19. Whenever I am listening to a new release I am wondering if that artist would be successful if that release would be their first release. So in general if you need an existing fanbase to hype it up and make it worth putting out (and you kinda rely on that) the answer most probably is no and it is questionable if anyone needs that release in the first place. I can't make assumptions about Mike's upcoming release, just a general thought. I personally don't want an album for the sake of an album. I want an album if and when he thinks that he has some really good stuff (which he eventually will have, no doubt) and he wants the world to hear it. Otherwise I can't be excited about it.
  20. I am sorry but this is so out of touch. Most people don't have any crypto currency at all, let alone enough to just use it randomly for something like that on such a short notice. I would assume that I am rather on the tech savvy side of the fanbase and still, even if I wanted to pay $10.000 for one of the prints, there was simply not enough time for me to even get that money into any usable crypto currency. How is someone without any crypto knowledge supposed to get that done?
  21. Oh my bad 😄 Sarcasm on the internet is even harder if you read comments out of context.
  22. Why would that be a disaster? I would have loved if he had taken A Thousand Jams and worked it into a real track with vocals and everything for example.
  23. Because those contests always high quality results, lol. Does someone remember a single remix that was the result of one of those contests?
  24. I shared my sentiment about this approach in the other thread already but I have some more words. How are other people supposed to get excited for a release if he himself is not even excited to release it and share it with others in the first place? I guess the hardcore fan base (me included) will be excited for every release but if he wants it to be successful in a broader sense, I don't really understand how this makes sense. You either create something you are proud of and you really want to show it to the world or you create something that you think is not as good, but then maybe it is best to not share it? I don't know. I am really confused by all of this. As already discussed in the shoutbox the release might be planned all along anyway and this is just a very weird way to spread the word.
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