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  1. 1 - Hit The Floor 2 - Breaking The Habit (Original Mike 2002 Demo)
  2. Nasty as fuck. I agree with the opinion of one of the best instrumentals Mike has done since he started streaming. It's in my top 5 for sure.
  3. Crazy but expected. But Mike doesn't want to release any more demos or b-sides for meteora 🤣.I hope no one on this forum buys that garbage.
  4. I loved it. I like a lot both tracks clocks and overstand
  5. I hope so, getting over she shines is going to be hard
  6. God bless Purity Ring, and of course Mike.
  7. Don't you want to keep paying tribute to amends? I think that prices is fair, it's a bargain in fact sponsored by my bebe sean.
  8. I want a reworked version of “God is afraid” by SD and his friends. The lyrics are shown in the booklet of Amends deluxe edition. Fuckin deep dark song.
  9. Why do you think that site will post the snippets in a few days?
  10. Full one without doubt, the rap part with Mike is basically one of the best moments of HTEP
  11. 1. Thoughts That Take Away My Pride With that, I can die in peace
  12. https://eurostore.warnermusic.com/de/artists/linkin-park/hybrid-theory-20th-anniversary-edition-digital-download-1.html
  13. We have almost two months ahead, it seems we will discover new things weekly until october.
  14. http://linkinpedia.com/index.php?title=Xero_(Demo_Cassette_Tape) You have the information there.
  15. You should stop bro. Until LP makes a statement and the preorder starts, please don't talk about this in the newswire and just talk in the chatbox.
  16. stop the bullshit dude, they're people that know photoshop and HTML/CSS here, so if you want so spread shit move on to another place.
  17. An important reason that I think people are not taking into account. Do we want the first release after chester's death, to have content with another singer, so that the media start unfounded rumors that Mark could replace him? I understand that mark is living history of LP, but if in 20 years they have not release anything with him, now it seems even the worst moment and don't make any sense to me.
  18. Aren't songs like pictureboard unreleased material?
  19. Weird? Why? Even Recharged started its promotional campaign two months before. It's how LP has always built hype before every release. Make more sense now than ever after what happened with Chester. If you add to the equation that's the 20th anniversary of their most successful album, it seems right to me build hype time ahead
  20. Meteora anniversary is the real deal. We're going to be impressed for the bunch of b-sides and demos with vocals that we'll get. Less than 3 years, btw.
  21. Completely agree. These demos are 100% what we've been waiting for years. If you add frat party 2, video from the studio sessions and a ton of unreleased art to the equation, this is shit's going to be so epic.
  22. One message for non IT members, there is no magic to do from the front end. It's true, that maybe there are one function from the backend( we are forgotting server side rendering? it's possible to mix it with front-end code)that shows the new options. What is weird for me, Adam says that with the correct password, we access what we want. I swear there is something there, and not in the code....
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