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  1. Post Traumatic was good but everything he puts out after that ...well, I don’t like it at all. But it’s okay he is having fun.
  2. awesome intro, is this team sleep remix?
  3. Yes! DBS Time Capsule is what I need.
  4. ...Mike probably forgot about those demos..., if they can put 3 really bad tracks like Pods on LPU 15, they can release everything
  5. Love this mysterious xero era, hope we will get more info soon
  6. The DATs only or there are more pics of xero demo cds?
  7. Damn, it seems they have enough unreleased Xero/HT stuff even for HT 30 anniversary😃
  8. Breaking The Habit would be better😀
  9. it might be a good sign of getting Meteora20 boxset
  10. What a stupid platform soundcloud is to share music leaks. Btw who is interested taking down 20 years old demo? don’t get it
  11. Rhinestone from audition tape? Do we know how many and which songs are on Chester’s audition tape?
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