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  1. It is new version redorded live with Chester pre 07/20 ?
  2. I thought the band would react in written form during the show something like chat, it was good but meh...
  3. great recording thanks, any chance we get FLAC in future?
  4. any chance to get Bristow 2004 in FLAC?
  5. mrfox

    Xero News

    and what exactly happened?
  6. I hope they release bubbles demo one day 😭
  7. mrfox

    Xero News

    poor Mike he created something and when he finish it, it belongs to WB. LP should leave Warners right after Meteora.
  8. mrfox

    Xero News

    There were some problems with CB demos and Mikes MPC demos released here little while ago? WB nazi contacted you to take those files down and not leak anything in the future? They must be really convincing. Just curious, not a fan of Rhinestone.
  9. mrfox

    Xero News

    that artist is probably unknown so they can pay him something like 5k $ and problem solved. If they tease that LP b-side compilation/special edition includes Pictureboard, everyone shit their pants and sales will be huge...I think this isn't problem at all especially for the band like Linkin Park, maybe Pictureboard is really a crap
  10. top 10 in order: 01 With You 02 Blackout 03 One More Light 04 Final Masquerade 05 Breking The Habit 06 Catalyst 07 The Little Things Give You Away 08 Given Up 09 Across The Line 10 Qwerty Honorable mentions: High Voltage, White Noise, No Roads Left
  11. mrfox

    Xero News

    back to Pictureboard, what exactly means it has samples on it? Like from another artists song? And where is the problem, Wish by Nine Inch Nails was also released on LPU cd.
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