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  1. 01 basically no rarities for die hard fans at shows/a lot singles at shows/not rotating setlists much 02 poppy sounding one more light (fucking chipmunks!) 03 stoping dsp program 04 GATS as the first single 05 Heavy as the first single
  2. Friendly Fire and WAYW should be on OML album what's the point to release 10 songs on cd? At least 12 songs....or 3 EPs with 5-6 songs released in two years something like Trent did with Bad Witch, Add Violence and Not The Actual Events
  3. I guess this isn’t offical song name so he probably doesn’t know
  4. When do you think it will be released or was possible release date 03/2020 postponed because of covid-19?
  5. I remember the audio was corupted (low volume) at the begining so this fixed version?
  6. demo vocals, where? I thought there are exactly the same vocals like on the two GD albums.
  7. just curious if Mike is on board with this GD project or so...and it's kinda strange to me, it's like Ryan Shuck use LP ambassadors to promote Time Capsule, little bit rude i'd say...
  8. why Grey Daze use LP ambassadors for their listening party? Is it approved by management or LP?
  9. cool, finally some demo for LPU
  10. It is new version redorded live with Chester pre 07/20 ?
  11. I thought the band would react in written form during the show something like chat, it was good but meh...
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