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  1. well I do...., pics, BTH and snippet OSC video included - download
  2. Can anyone upload only extracked original audio file? Thank you!
  3. Warners now lives only on the sale of LP clothes, I don't understand why they don't start releasing 1 DSP of any time (2000-2017) per month for $ 6.99 and with facebook promotion, I think they would earn a good money. They have them, fans want them really bad but they don't give a shit....
  4. ...and chester is in top form this is my 2nd favourite PR04 show, I love this recording, hope we get lossless download soon
  5. youtube rip mp3 192 kbps splitted and tagged tracks - mega download
  6. epic recording, hope we get proper flac download soon, thank you very much!
  7. Can anyone please rip this video in HD and upload it to mega?
  8. mrfox

    We Are Back!

    I missed you too,. I'm glad you're back.
  9. Thanks! Which online youtube downloader is the best? I cant download this video in proper (1080p or 720p has no audio)
  10. 01 One Step Closer (w/ guest) 02 No More Sorrow (w/ guest) 03 Faint (w/ guest) 04 New Divide (w/ guest) 05 Until It's Gone (w/ guest) 06 Castle of Glass 07 Talking To Myself 08 Sorry For Now 09 Joe Solo 10 Brad Solo crowd sing (NMS, WID, Numb) 11 Welcome 12 Step Up 13 Roads Untraveled 14 New Song 15 Fallout/Catalyst 16 FM Mashup (RTN, Petrified, Cigarettes) 17 In The End ------------------------------------- 18 A Place For My Head ( w/ guest) 19 From The Inside (w/ guest) 20 Blackout (w/ guest) 21 Burn It Down (w/ guest) 22 Bleed It Out (w/ guest)
  11. deep cuts like APFMH, OSC, Faint, BIO and more needs to be played in proper. Honestly I would like to hear those legendary screaming parts and remembering Chester.
  12. Just curious what stupid move it is when the song was released via all music platforms and now it has been taken down. It was a mistake or what? But why this mistake was followed by so many music platforms?
  13. Finally new music with our idol, really great song!
  14. still don't get it...Mike use LPU for presale tickets, and can't give us through LPU any music at least as digital download, even live Post Traumatic songs would be okay.
  15. do we have any Meteora demo? Numb, DS, FTI, anything?
  16. Long sleeve tee for 40$? Unfortunate end of a great fanclub. Well I guess the only way we can get new/unreleased music is through Best Offs with few b-sides realeased by Warners. I hope DBS Time Capsule will be realeased soon.
  17. Are there any new lputv episodes? I'm no longer LPU member so just curious.
  18. Anyone else can hear Chester in Shaking demo? I'll Try Not to Destroy You, Palm Springs Reset and Maestro rmx, which one exactly? There are three, I guess.
  19. Thanks! Live drums and backing vocals really helped his shows sounds better. COG and RU are awesome almost like at Linkin Park show.
  20. Xero rough mixes from that photo Mike shared on 20/7 would be awesome to have (and fuckin Pictureboard ofkoz)
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