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  1. pay 25$ for the bundle in 2005/06 and recieve zero live performances is okay but pay 65$+overpriced shipping and no touring, no summits is meh
  2. LPU was primarly for the early entry, presale ticket or summits, do you guys think LP will go on tour in 2018? They still look uncomfortable and kinda in sadness, so I highly doubt...Hollywood Bowl 2017 is the only show from their catalog I want never watch again. LPU will maybe change a lot but I believe Mike would not have let it quietly go away.
  3. Jon's phlegmatic look and moves would be kinda funny watch him performing Papercut or Faint. I hope they will be only studio band for few years
  4. very curious what this show brings....but anyway when the show ends i need to play some footage with him, realise I almost forget his beatiful and joyfull laugh...
  5. that guy is super weird even for American "entertainment"
  6. Now I am very curious for LP's studio material, they probably have enough songs with Chester for another 3-4 full albums. Also curious how another LPU will look like or will it continue at all? shirt with Chester? Keychain or guitar pick with him? That would be kinda weird.
  7. this loss is so fatal that we still try to figure out some optimistic option, but can you guys imagine new singer rocking hard during Given Up, One Step Closer or AFMH? Only 3-4 months after our hero passing? It would disrespectful and rude. I hope those shows will be canceled or they will continue as 5
  8. maybe something like this would work well, one day...
  9. kinda like it when I was thinking about these custom setlists, but now its over. LP was Chester and Mike, only Mike is Fort Minor. Do you really thing he can sing Faint and Rebellion?
  10. if they will continue making music and touring, I hope they will try to find a singer with SIMILAR voice to Chester's. Yeah its nice that Adam Lambert sings Queen songs his own way, but LP songs are too much unique and created exactly for Chester's voice. It's not impossible task, look at Alex McMilan.
  11. Do you think LPU will continue? Releasing stuff, cds, etc?
  12. Do you really think, they will do some Linkin Park shows in this october? Impossible. Mine "very very long" time is something about 5 years.
  13. I think its too soon guys. I bet we won't hear anything about Linkin Park very very long time. If they decide to do some shows in the future I'd like to see them perform with Corey Taylor or Jonathan Davis.
  14. totally don't get it, why some promoters can stream whole show and other have permission only for two songs?
  15. If so, I think it would be better to do some promotion, FM + LP show could attract more people.
  16. If they can play RME, IGD, APFMH over Castle of Dance outro or Heavy at Hellfest, seriously wtf no In Between over Qwerty?
  17. Yes, lack of festival streams or full show recording is extremely annoying we really need professionally mixed recording, at least 2 DSPs would be awesome.
  18. Realy like this set, no BS and POA back. Smaller stage production without lcd screens or connected epic light effects and suddenly the setlist can be changed quite often. Now can LP play whatever they want, good goodbye same setlists
  19. Special setlist for Hellfest 01 Fallout 02 No More Sorrow 03 Talking To Myself 04 Burn It Down 05 Catalyst 06 Wretches and Kings 07 Rebellion 08 Until Its Gone 09 Castle Of Glass/RME outro 10 Lost In The Echo 11 New Divide 12 Invisible 13 Sharp Edges 14 Waiting For The End 15 One More Light 16 Crawling 17 Leave Out All The Rest 18 Somewhere I Belong 19 What Ive Done 20 Numb 21 In The End 22 Faint ------------------------------- 23 Papercut 24 Lying From You 25 A Place For My Head 26 One Step Closer
  20. Hope the new song will be Roads Untraveled, vocoded intro is amazing
  21. Seven songs from OML in setlist, wow. I'd like that to happen with THP
  22. okay every critic probably isn't HT fanboy, but they compare OML with older stuff (LT, THP) alot. If they would uninterestedly rate individual songs, I bet album rating would be like 50-60%. Yeah this album is very different and there are weak songs but 30% is bullshit.
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