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  1. splitted tracks and fully tagged FLAC MP3
  2. after 7 years irritating glitches removed...it's not perfect but I'm kinda surprised it doesn't sound so bad. This is rip from webcast - soundboard quailty. if somebody have have pictures which were sent by support downloadsupport@linkinpark.com please share them with us here DOWNLOAD
  3. When they exactly started to add pictures in DSPs?
  4. No, in my collection is first show with pictures London, UK (2008-01-28). I don't know exactly when the program with photos started
  5. wonder, when we get another free downloadable demo
  6. something like this we will definitely see on next touring cycle, Numb, Breaking The Habit, Burn It Down, New Divide, Bleed It Out...I'm sick of this songs
  7. Great demo, synths reminds me M38 little bit. I thought we get all these demos during 6 months, instead we have to wait till next october/december, bummer
  8. Pictureboard can't be worst song than "Dave Sbeat feat. Joe"
  9. That means DSPs are gone forever? Who gave you this information?
  10. I just did too I knew I heard "Animals" somewhere else, folder "Animals" is in Stagelight Linkin Park Edition, LPU 15 CD is okay, 6 cool songs and another 6 more to come....we can still look forward for new LPU music, thats great idea
  11. How it was released through LPU? On physical cd? Never hear that before.
  12. Holy f*** I thought Joss Stone is a guy, this is completely different STP and real disaster, poor STP fans
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