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    It's Coming

    Bad timing hype is gone
  2. Mike playing some new shit from studio computer ( even 10 sec would be great) camera zooming at Mike's desktop so we can see new demos names. THAT would be good studio update. Something like this is complete worthless
  3. 01 No More Sorrow (2017 Intro) 02 Rebellion 03 New Song 04 New Divide 05 From The Inside 06 Points Of Authority 07 What Ive Done 08 Little Things Give You Away 09 New Song 10 Pushing Me away (album version) 11 Breaking The Habit 12 Medley - Darker Than Blood/A Light That Never Comes/Figure.09 13 Welcome 14 FM Mashup 15 Burn It Down 16 In The End 17 A PLace For My Head 18 Faint ------------------------------------- 19 A Line In the Sand 20 Final Masquerade 21 Numb 22 When They Come For Me 23 One Step Closer
  4. Just listening Osaka, August 12 it's badass show, does anyone have Chiba, August 13 in FLAC? BTH, QWERTY and Points files are corrupt in "The Flac collection topic"
  5. can anyone reupload this show? BTH, QWERTY and Points files are corrupt. Thanks
  6. Yeah setlists were amazing, QWERTY, RME, Pushing, Don't Stay, With You,...Reading My Eyes or And One should be in setlists even today, it's part of their history, like HT songs.
  7. you are in LP staff or how do you know that? btw. I said "perhaps", big shows are booked long time before, so they were at least thinking about it. Now they have to postpone everything, bummer
  8. If this is true they are pretty irresponsible. Canceled 2015 US tour and now perhaps they have to cancel tour again. Jesus, LP c'mon
  9. best LP songs, hope they keep them in setlist forever
  10. 5 demos with vocals and 5 without... Yeah GRR is short but i remember when i was watching lputv for first time in 04/05 or so, I liked this beat very much. And now we have it in wav that's really cool
  11. wonder what else was used for LPTV, really great find by the way!
  12. 01 Given Up Intro 02 Given Up 03 Rebellion 04 New song 05 Points Of Authority 06 With You 07 New Divide 08 When They Come For Me 09 From The Inside 10 Numb 11 P5hng Me A*vy 12 Breaking The Habit 13 FM Mashup 14 Welcome 15 New Song 16 What I've Done 17 Little Things Give You Away 18 Faint encore------------------------------ 19 Waiting For The End 20 Don't Stay 21 Burn It Down 22 A Line In the Sand 23 One Step Closer
  13. That's amazing! Big thanks for your work to all involved.
  14. Example? Just curious...
  15. Who gives a shit about Recharged? It's terrible album. You can save that "different" COG remix for 100th LPL aniversary
  16. only complaining that's always fastest reply here, I'm done with uploading to this site.
  17. maybe we will get brand new demo from new upcoming album, it would be supercool and we have perfect opportunity this year with bi-monthly released LPU songs
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