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  1. And why do you guys think, that "surprise" has something to do with changes in the set? :-D
  2. I can't even finish listening to one STP bootleg, chester's mumbling sounds horrible to me and his voice does not fit to STP songs at all, imo. I would rather see him in Linkin Park in 100% form.
  3. I think they are...it's routine and only a job for them, they must be disgusted like every else non-casual fan. Monster Mash was perfect oportunity to add harder songs into the set maybe With You or APFMH, but they rather drop songs...
  4. I want really bad Blackout demo or scat demo, I wouldn't even care if the other 9 songs would be Breaking The Habit Live From Around The World last years the new site started around 20. November
  5. I wonder what else is out there...well this is not my cup of tea but it's still better than instrumental shit on LPU 14 cd
  6. and what did you guys thought? LP will do something unexpected like Reznor in 2009? When he played "The Downward Spiral" in order for the first time ever and with NO hype like LP in 2014.
  7. links in my thread still working and I don't understand why do you mixing your uploads with my files
  8. Purple wtf? It wasn't on show topic, lplive fb and it was added today to show notes...
  9. 2015-09-06 Roma, IT - source 2 , taper: alecabare
  10. I will shit my pants if this is same quality like Rock N Heim, high voltage! Thank you!
  11. nice find here it is: 2015-09-05 Düsseldorf, GER - mixed mostly from MrHeidschnucke23 source (4 songs missing) - complete Fort Minor show included (Kate KE source) 2015-07-24 Chongqing, CN - ripped from 6 very large files, poor sound quality taper: FLAME-XIII
  12. Thanks Mark, I will upload more. I asked few tapers too but no response yet, hope something pop out
  13. if anyone interested... 2015-08-25 Rybnik, PL 2015-08-29 Moscow, RU
  14. ...once upon a time in 2007 Trent Reznor upload his cd Year Zero on torrent tracker and during concerts was saying to the crowd : steal my music, you can download it on the internet, fuck labels and overpriced cds...Then he broke up with his record label Nothing Interscope, someting like that LP will never do...No one should command what artist can do with his work
  15. Fort Minor has my attention, great performance. Thanks for sharing
  16. wonder if any Change.org petition ever changed something, I saw petitons with 50 000 signatures and nothing happend
  17. yes, it's sourced from video (Linkin.Park.-.Live.at.Workers'.Stadium.2015.07.26-ExtremeCode.mkv)
  18. Done. I mentioned demos with vocals
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