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  1. Xero rough mixes from that photo Mike shared on 20/7 would be awesome to have (and fuckin Pictureboard ofkoz)
  2. Thanks. I've heard Morning After from that show and it sounded amazing. Do we have this show in FLAC somewhre in here?
  3. What is the best sounding DBS audience recording?
  4. I need this too. The CB demos released here were awesome, better than some LPU cds
  5. No one can sing the "I do" part like that, fuck this always gets me
  6. mrfox

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    DBS demos released here was the best portion of unheard demos since LPU 11 cd, and honestly I don't need any LPU 17 cd at all.
  7. Someone else can easily master them, I think he knows good demos only from his memory.
  8. It's too soon make such decisions, I still believe we will get some music through LPU.
  9. mrfox

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    I bet we will see a LOT unreleased material and best of compilations during next years. Warner bros gold diggers will take care about that.
  10. nobody asked him about lpu cd?
  11. Great news, continue as Mike Shinoda or Fort Minor is best move right now imo
  12. mrfox

    2013-2017 DSP's

    I think we will get them at some point in future. Complete new platform is needed imo. e.g. one random show (2003-2017) per month in mp3, flac or 24bit flac.
  13. I was hoping for something similar, it would be nice gesture release whole thing for free but they decided to release "OML Live". The speech after BTH from Birmingham is really touching and the whole show deserves to be released officially in some way...
  14. mrfox

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    They don't owe anything to anyone of us. I just thought, when I've heard that LPU 17 is coming, I can for a while pretend everything is okay. Listening to new LPU cd is my personal ritual every year. Obviously...nothing is okay. We will see what 2018 brings
  15. mrfox

    LPU 17 Is Here!

    Very disappointing, definitely not joining this year. If they would like to release some music during next year it will be mentioned there, something like "bi-monthly" released tracks in 2015. Demos are NOT necesary, I would be okay with releasing second half of the live tracks which aren't on OML LIVE cd, Wastelands or Catalyst live were badass this year.
  16. I'm really curious how the t-shirt will look like, it needs Chesters smile and his iconic flame tattoo
  17. He even sings that screaming part in OML, didn't notice in the video
  18. There should be a 2cds deluxe edition, don't understand WTH in 2017 someone needs release incomplete live cd? Especially in this situation. I would love to hear amazing RU intro and Catalyst in this quality. btw Crawling sounds beautiful, damn...
  19. pay 25$ for the bundle in 2005/06 and recieve zero live performances is okay but pay 65$+overpriced shipping and no touring, no summits is meh
  20. LPU was primarly for the early entry, presale ticket or summits, do you guys think LP will go on tour in 2018? They still look uncomfortable and kinda in sadness, so I highly doubt...Hollywood Bowl 2017 is the only show from their catalog I want never watch again. LPU will maybe change a lot but I believe Mike would not have let it quietly go away.
  21. Jon's phlegmatic look and moves would be kinda funny watch him performing Papercut or Faint. I hope they will be only studio band for few years
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