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  1. RogueSoul that is an awesome take on the track. That perspective alone makes me enjoy it that much more. Also: while this is a stretch I always thought about an underlying massage to the fans that only like their older music and bash them for "being soft and pop" now. "Holding on, why is everything so heavy / I keep dragging around what's bringing me down If I just let go i'll be set free" could be a reference to their old music and their approach to writing songs that seemed so angry and dark. They are either speaking on themselves, saying they shouldn't stay angry and look at the more positive side of things, or even to their fans in a sense that they don't have to stay in an angry place and consistently want to feed their souls with things that will never get them out of that frame of mind. If they just let go of the past and take the weight off of their shoulders they would be better off. Sounds like a stretch I know but I feel like it's a possibility. Mike (while watching reactions to teens listening to Linkin Park's music) did laugh at one of their videos and go "why were we so angry?"
  2. I don't see how people think it sounds like a Kiiara song featuring Linkin Park. While Kiiara is a pop artist none of her music falls into this genre. It's pop but with a completely different instrumental undertone. Also, I like how once the chorus transitions into her verse she becomes a prominent part of the song. I think the bridge itself is fine. It doesn't need to complicate itself and suffocate in layers of synths and guitars. I think it is fine way it is. Not arguing just giving my two cents.
  3. How does everybody feel about the lead single "Heavy" now that we have the full album? I still enjoy the song and listen to it regularly. It's definitely not groundbreaking material but I still think it's a great single. I really like Kiiara here too, after hearing her EP last summer I was surprised they used her this way as most of her music is more glitch sampled low-fi electronic radio pop.
  4. Final review is posted check the original
  5. This album is way better than The Hunting Party. I'm happy with it. I wish this wasn't promoted so heavily as a pop album because it gives everyone a free word to use against it. 0hmyg0d s0 gener1c dis album is top 40 sell0ut musik although in the end and numb r clearly n0t pop songs
  6. This album is easily one of my favorites. It's risky as hell. Every other album had "comfort tracks" like Bleed It Out, Wretches and Kings, Lost In The Echo, Wastelands..but this album's only potential "dis her is da r3al LP" song is Good Goodbye which is actually more experimental than the songs I have listed. Linkin Park just released an album with 1 rap verse from Mike and absolutely no screaming. Even A Thousand Suns had screaming and multiple rap verses, not to mention 3 or 4/9 full length songs on that album had somewhat of a radio acceptable structure (Burning In The Skies, Wretches, Iridescent, Messenger) Sorry For Now is already a classic, Halfway Right and Sharp Edges really showcase Chester's awesome vocal range outside of angst and screaming, and there is not one song I wouldn't listen to again. Disclaimer: this album is not for those who still watch Dragon Ball Z anime music videos with Crawling in the background.
  7. Updated my list upon two full listens. This will change over the course of time of course but wow. Sorry For Now. What a hell of a song.
  8. Sorry For Now is amazing and I am completely surprised that this wasn't released as a single. My favorite of the album (currently).
  9. Great album. Definitely one of their best. My favorite song has to be "In Pieces". Such a different sound for the band (among others on here), the buildup was beautiful. I actually think that this album has the best demos/b-sides as well.
  10. One More Light. Now that the shock has worn down it's safe to say that this album is already in my top 3 favorite Linkin Park albums (A Thousand Suns, Reanimation). Everything about this album seems genuine. When you think of it as a pop album you're already going to pull the "they sold out, they used current songwriters to keep up with trends and create music for WB" trigger, but that is not the case at all. The lyrics, the melodies, the raw emotion is something I haven't seen from this band in years. For once the lyrics feel relatable. I don't listen to any of these songs and think the world is going to end or the system is corrupt, but I feel honesty coming from people who have experienced hardships in numerous ways whether it be leaving your family at home for lengths of time, battling self conflict and drug addictions, life lessons, and just trying to be a better person. Sonically this album has a ton of cool layers that you really have to listen for, some that I didn't hear until my 5th or 6th playthrough. I don't think any song on here really sounds like a generic radio hit. That's just an easy cop out excuse to avoid giving this album credibility because it isn't "your style". This album features only 1 rap verse from Mike, and no screaming at all from Chester. Instead he displays his beautiful vocal range through warm uplifting melodies done in ways we never heard before. This album in my opinion was even riskier than A Thousand Suns, not providing any comfort tracks to please the old crowd (Wretches). 01. Nobody Can Save Me (8/10) 02. Good Goodbye (5/10) 03. Talking To Myself (8/10) 04. Battle Symphony (9.5/10) 05. Invisible (8/10) 06. Heavy (8/10) 07. Sorry For Now (10/10) 08. Halfway Right (8.5/10) 09. One More Light (9/10) 10. Sharp Edges (7.75/10)
  11. Honestly are we surprised? All of these track lengths are no shocker including "Sharp Edges" which would be the 5th out of 7 closing tracks that are under 4 minutes. I am less shocked at the lengths and more shocked that the fanbase expected more. Not to mention, this album seems to be on par with Hybrid Theory, Meteora, and Living Things album lengths minus the filler tracks. I guess the official realization that there will be no six minute epics is a blow to the community, I just don't see why. I'd be more surprised if we had longer songs.
  12. Honestly at this rate this album is on par with the lengths of the other short ones. Remember Living Things had "Victimized" which was under 2 minutes long and the interlude "Tinfoil"..which take those two out, you get 10 tracks around the same length if not shorter. The fact that this wait was 3+ months as opposed to the usual 2-2.5, we were given more songs throughout the wait which ultimately results in us having less for the album release. No worries here. Exactly what I expected.
  13. It Goes Through is amazing. Sounds more Stagelight-esque Linkin Park but easily one of their most energizing tracks! Awesome stuff. Also if Linkin Park ever removed vocals from their more recent demos, I assume in more than half of the time it was just scatting.
  14. I think a new Fort Minor album would be dope. It's getting close to nine years since the last project. Mike has grown as a musician, a singer, and definitely has new connections to collab with. It would be nice to see him do it one more time.
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