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  1. All the OML demos No Roads Left with Chester on vocals Final Masquerade with Mike on vocals A Line In The Sand demo Powerless ATS demo
  2. So the Xero songs are gonna have Mark or Chester on vocals?
  3. Meteora 20th anniversary will be dope as fuck
  4. That Lionel Richie story is pretty cool
  5. Not playing more songs from Living Things or The Hunting Party Thats all I can think of
  6. Damn it's so cool that he spoke about Friendly Fire. Should've been asked about Out of Reach too.
  7. People should ask him more about The Hunting Party
  8. I can't put this image of Brad being a buffed up guy as a bouncer in the club LOL
  9. Does anyone know which album Mike is referring to by the artist in "What the Words Meant"?
  10. I remember everything I did that day from going to bed at 5 a.m. and waking up at 3 pm, working out at 7 pm, and at 9 pm I got the news... I was fucking devastated. One of the worst days of my life but it taught me to never give up hope and to #MakeChesterProud.
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