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  1. I hear the second vocal, I just don't think it's Chester
  2. I'm hearing "every battlefield you run from" not "path you can run from"
  3. Wow what a nice surprise from a fans perspective. Catchy stuff. You really do wonder how this stuff gets out there though
  4. Wow I’m really loving the album so far. I’m kinda mad that Crossing A Line was chosen to lead this album. It’s easily the most forgettable song and gives a bad representation of the rest of the album.
  5. Mike has to do Watching As I Fall transitioning in to In Stereo surely
  6. Every time I see the thread title I still can't believe that it's a real thing. Unfathomable.
  7. I'm not sure there's any concrete confirmation that the band is continuing in their statement. "Building the future" could mean they might be discussing different possibilities for continuing but doesn't necessarily mean it'll work out. I hope they give it a shot.
  8. I've attempted to listen to a Linkin Park song numerous times in the past month and I still can't make it through one. And then today I found Not Alone. Completely forgot this song existed. I listened to it all the way through and really listened to Chester's voice. It's still heartbreaking but in a small way it feels a little healing. I have it on repeat now. Miss you, CB <3
  9. This is not sinking in. I'm not sure it's ever going to. I've been sobbing since I heard the news. I keep thinking it can't be true. Not Chester. He seems like he has such a positive outlook on life. I feel incredibly sad for him to know that he was suffering that much. I'm so sorry that you couldn't find peace here Chester. I hope you have found it now. We all just wish it was here with us. Thank you for the memories, Chester. I am eternally grateful. You saved so many lives with your voice and music. I'm sorry the favour couldn't be returned
  10. Surely it has to be Invisible? That song screams of singleness!
  11. Part of me doubts LP even tried to reschedule. They just don't seem like the type of band that cares. Maybe that's a wild assumption it's probably really difficult to reschedule a show. I see Blink 182 changed their venue. They do a much more extensive tour of the UK (not just England). It'd be nice if LP, or whoever is responsible for arranging their tour, considered doing that again
  12. Halfway Right makes me want to scream at myself when there's nobody else to fight. Be gone!
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