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  1. Nothing beats the original songs... these new ones to me feel like missing their soul or meaning behind them, or maybe I just miss the hopeless darkness I guess... The only song I like off of this album is In Time. The piano in Morei Sky reminds me very much of Evanescence – My immortal. I kind of feel, that without Chester's voice these remade songs would not make much money...
  2. Nice design. Didn't know there was a contest. 😕
  3. What a nice Christmas present from our old friend... so heavy!
  4. Thanx for the add. There will be an other, informal meeting/commemoration in Brno, on August 2nd (in a Tea House): https://www.facebook.com/events/1246836162104993/..but the one in my previous post is gonna be larger...
  5. Can you guys please add Brno (Czech republic) – August 4th: https://www.facebook.com/events/154208461821136/ (it takes place on the largest square of the city)
  6. Well, I am that type of fan, that prefers the heavy LP with screaming and rapping, but I was expecting the record to be a lot worse... I am happily disappointed Even though it is different and anything but heavy, I enjoy cca half of the songs, and that is good, I guess.
  7. Sounds good, but a half minute song? I see the LPU's quality is going down since I left it in 2011...
  8. I might be really really off, but I added some blur to one of these images and saw there some eye and ear
  9. I wish the songs had vocals.. without them I cannot find them amusing any more..
  10. You can download the 20 min video from this Slovak file hosting site: http://www.ulozto.sk/xmUnnUM/30-seconds-to-mars-artifact-avi (Click on the yellow Stiahnuť button, fill in the code under the "Opíš text z obrázku:" you can see above, click on Stiahnuť and wait. If you cannot see the code/captcha properly, ask for an other one by clicking on the "iný obrázok".)
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