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Found 6 results

  1. Yesterday Sean Dowdell live streamed from Grey Daze official Instagram account. He got a tattoo on his hand in honor of Chester and answered some questions by the fans. Here’s a recap of the most relevant answers. - the first single off the new record is coming in the next 90 days. - they already have title and cover for the album but can’t share yet. - the album is heavier both vocally and instrumentally than Amends. - “Starting to Fly” will be a single and it’s totally different from the original song. - “Hole” Is different from the leaked 2018 demo. - Lily and Lyla (Chester's kids) are singing on a song. - Richard Patrick from Filter is on a song. - “Holding You” features Dave Navarro and has a different title. - The band will release the original records on vinyl at the end of this year or in 2023 (the live stream was laggy at that point so I could not properly understand everything). - He and Chester wrote lyrics for 5 songs back in 2017. - There’s probably going to be a third remix/ rework record but they’ll see what material they have left. - The new record is 10 songs. - His favorite LP song is Lying From You. - Some songs contain different vocal takes from Chester. You can find the full thing on Grey Daze social media, I’m sure I missed something so check that out yourself! 😉
  2. where can i download this 2001 remaster? what appears in this video: https://youtu.be/cUFXsQEEAGY
  3. Does anybody know if the bonus acoustic tracks of the exclusive editions of Walmart & Target have been or will be released? The bonus acoustic track from the Walmart exclusive edition is Soul Song (Acoustic) & the bonus acoustic tracks from the Target exclusive edition are What’s In The Eye (Acoustic) & Sometimes (Acoustic). If anyone knows about it, please let me know about it by replying.
  4. Grey Daze just released “In Time” animated music video, making it the sixth music video made for “Amends” singles. Enjoy it below
  5. does anyone know the painted lyrics of Gray Daze?https://youtu.be/KpM0wVTDR74
  6. Jonathan Krause, who was the bass player in Grey Daze, and who was kind enough to transfer and release two Grey Daze live songs 4 years ago, which included unreleased song "Smoke Mouth", has now released the full show, which Grey Daze played in 1994 at Rally Kaps. Setlist: 01. Commit 02. Wake Me 03. Blue Skies 04. Smoke Mouth 05. Here, Nearby 06. Painted 07. Circle (Big Head Todd and the Monsters cover) 08. What's In The Eye 09. Morei Sky 10. She Shines 11. Hole 12. Spin 13. Starting To Fly 14. Come On 15. Piece Of My Mind 16. Shouting Out (feat. Mindy) 17. Sometimes 18. Fallin to Pieces 19. Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones cover) Notes: - This is the first full Grey Daze show recording to ever be released. - This is the first time we found out about the songs called "Blue Skies", "Painted", "Fallin to Pieces" and "Piece Of My Mind". - "Painted" by Grey Daze and "Painted Pictures" by Sean Dowdell And His Friends are completely different songs. - Jonathan is not totally sure of the actual name of the song he titled "Blue Skys", so since we have no any other confirmations, we will call it "Blue Skies" for the time being. - "Shouting Out" was performed with a girl named Mindy. Stay tuned for more detailed info and possible upgrade soon! Huge thanks go out to Jonathan, and our own LESTAT!
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