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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Enjoy: https://www.loudersound.com/features/chester-bennington-chris-cornells-contribution-to-music-was-unrivalled
  2. This would be so cool! Can you imagine their "Fuck yeah" faces after recording Papercut?
  3. Second that. Also hope whatever they release isn't like 1000 exclusive copies
  4. Is Music for Relief still related to Linkin Park?
  5. I would't say it's top 5, but that A Line in the Sand (Live) release a few years back. I mean, the idea was super cool, but the actual quality of the track is really bad. Also, Guilty All The Same music video
  6. This was the craziest crowd I have ever attended. My girlfriend and I were there, and we had to move a few meters back during The Catalyst because she was scared of all the pushing
  7. Like many, I've been skeptical of this Grey Daze thing for a while, but this video was super creative and respectful IMO
  8. Oh boy, have I missed this Linkin Park CSI! But like always, I can't read anything
  9. Were all the tracks from Reseda Beach, by Styles of Beyond, produced by Mike Shinoda?
  10. I wasn't expecting much and I'm quite underwhelmed...also, is it slower than the original?
  11. I know nothing about audio quality, can anybody please explain to me why exactly are the DVD songs better than the CD's? @martinez btw, I've downloaded lots of your content, thank you
  12. This doesn't make any sense to me. Why would an ex-wife get anything 14 years later after they've been divorced?
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