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  1. I like these videos focused on Rob playing the drums:
  2. What exactly is the role of an executive producer?
  3. Hahaha this show is awesome! Love the setlist
  4. I like Rock in Rio: Lisboa 2008, because they played In Pieces, Valentine's Day, and Pushing Me Away studio version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vD1KUYa7kC4&list=PLjgvBXNxiCkz50zSs1zWTzoXpYvWEuuYd&index=15
  5. Any chance this will be released in Brazil? Or do I have to import it?
  6. I think I've read on Linkinpedia that he had a drug/alcohol problem when he has in high school. Don't know what has happened since. I might be wrong, though
  7. I'm kinda skeptical with this whole project, but I always listen to every new released track. Original B12 is my favorite Grey Daze song, but this one is very weird in a bad way to me
  8. You weren't kidding, they destroyed this song
  9. Title pretty much says it all. Enjoy: https://www.loudersound.com/features/chester-bennington-chris-cornells-contribution-to-music-was-unrivalled
  10. This would be so cool! Can you imagine their "Fuck yeah" faces after recording Papercut?
  11. Second that. Also hope whatever they release isn't like 1000 exclusive copies
  12. Is Music for Relief still related to Linkin Park?
  13. I would't say it's top 5, but that A Line in the Sand (Live) release a few years back. I mean, the idea was super cool, but the actual quality of the track is really bad. Also, Guilty All The Same music video
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